On Abilities That Create Two Kinds of Gems

It is quite frustrating to use troops like the guild guardians or Jarl Firemantle that create two different colors of gems, only to watch half of the gems created overwrite the other gems of those colors already on the board. I feel as though it would make these abilities much less frustrating if the gems created would not be able to overwrite each other.

To expand a bit, from my experience, when an ability creates gems of only one color, they never create gems on top of gems of that color already on the board, so it feels counter-intuitive that an ability that creates gems of two colors can create gems of one color on top of gems of the other color already on the board. Even if it would mean having to nerf abilities that create two colors of gems a bit to compensate for the reduced randomness, I cannot help but feel like these abilities would feel much more satisfying to use if this change were implemented.

Also, hello!! I’m Kamunt, a Switch plebian. Pleasure to meet you all. :partying_face:


To add to this, since you dont seem to know this part: not both colors are made simultaniously. It just happens really fast so you dont notice. Lets say its making 10 red and 10 blue gems. One of the two collors will be created first, (red for example). Those red gems can popup on existing blue gems. Next step in resolving the ability is creating 10 blue gems. Those 10 gems consider the board after the initial 10 red gems created and are created after, sometimes on top of just created red gems.
Bet you didnt know this :smiley:
As for the the no overlap, it would make those kind of abilities way to strong.

Guild Guardians used to not overwrite existing gems on consoles a long while back.
Was fun to use on offence until they finally got fixed.
…not so much facing certain teams using them… :laughing:

Ahh, I definitely didn’t notice they are technically created separately, lol. But, like I said, I would be fine with them being nerfed a bit to balance out the reduced randomness as long as they were more consistent to use. It’s just frustrating seeing only half the gems you create actually be usable, since they are created over gems of the colors you are creating.