Question about creating gems of 2 colors on the board

This is about “trolls of the second wave”, guardians and other troops: Anthea, Desert Mantis, Gar’Nok, Lady Anariel, Monkey Disciple, Nightwing, Pharaoh Hound, Sea Witch, Sir Gwayne, Stonehammer, The Great Maw, Tracker, Twisted Hero and Venoxia (hope I listed them all). How exactly 2 colors are created? I can imagine some variants, but it will be better to know the right one from developers. Please.


As currently coded, new gems can overwrite existing gems of those colors. I have a video on my phone of Lava Troll’s spell replacing a red gem on the board with a brown gem.

Okay, that’s an important part of the whole process. How do new gems appear? In random order? Or one color first, then another? May newer gems override new ones (from this very spell)? (We may assume many variants, but I’d like to know how it is coded, so developers’ answer is preferable, @Kafka, @Cyrup, @Ozball ).

King Gobtruffle is another one that belongs in that list

Not a developer but I think I can say this with 100% accuracy:

-New gems spawned will all appear in the same instance of gems spawning, no color has priority over other.
-New gems spawned may appear in any available space in board (this is excluding blocked cells).
-If say 22 gems were to be created from a spell, a total of 22 spaces will be filled with new gems from this spell, out of which a “new” red gem may spawn in a cell on the board where an existing red gem was already there before the spell is casted.


That sounds about right with my experience with them.

I’m not entirely convinced this is always true. I seem to recall a phase where Justice had a spectacular success rate at creating extra turn matches, almost as if it couldn’t replace gems of the same types it was creating. Maybe I’m imagining things but it feels like each spell effect is hand-coded, even when it looks similar to others, allowing for special rules (either intentional or unintentional).

Justice did have a phase where it extended turns at an absurd rate, because there was a bug in the gem placement algorithm. An attempt was made to reduce the chance of turn-extending creation by weighting adjacent gems less. However, a sign mistake was made and so blue gems were more likely to come into play next to blue gems. This had consequences. I recall Mithran testing this with Griffon Knight.


I tend to agree with this. I have been using Honor recently in early brown delves and I also used other gem ‘place spawners’ (The Devoted albiet less created) and I was having a pretty rubbish time with the gem creation, like @Tuaya seems to be on point with. When Justice was going, the AI seemed to almost be transforming to 4 and 5 matches, like it almost never missed the opportunity to go again. I can’t replicate that with Honor for example and for sure had plenty of practice trying different placements.

So are they all created equal I suppose is the question, which is worth an answer.

Looks like a good question for the upcoming Dev Q&A. I’ll ask it, if Sirrian won’t explain gem creation in the first part.