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Troops that create gems questions

This is a multiple platform question.

Gem creators like Green Slime, “Create 5 green gems…” can these green gems overwrite existing green gems so there isn’t 5 new green gems? Does this function the same on mobile/Steam and consoles?

I’m wondering if on mobile/Steam, the answer is yes and I’m leaning towards no on ps4 (don’t have xbox) from my observations with Justice and the amount of blue gems/skulls being created. I don’t know how the video function works on ps4 to be able to easily watch for this myself but maybe someone else has.

When they create a single type of color they won’t go over that type.
But troops like Jarl that creates both yellow and red can convert the same gem twice. Their spells goes in 2 parts: color 1 is created then color 2 follows right away without matching happening.
Jarl could conversation a red gem to yellow and then convert the same gem into red again in the same cast. Or yellow gem to red and then yellow again (not sure which color comes first).
He can also convert any color gem to one of the 2 colors, and then convert it to the second color.
At the end you probably won’t end up with 18 new gems, rather with 9+ (9 because the secondary color will change for sure)
I noticed the similar thing happening with guardians too.


Damn beat me to it. Yeah, the multicolor spawners will overwrite the other color and even the spawned gems as far as I can tell. In the case of Green Slime I’m prepared to bet it will spawn Greens on Purples, which is counterproductive, but it doesn’t know any better. I’d be more certain if I’d used it recently.

I can confirm you that green slime does spawn greens on other purples (by random of course but it happens).

So if the order is “color1 then color2”, you should create more color2 gems than color1 ones… It seems strange, no?

I’ve seen the green slime turn a purple to green and convert it back to purple.
I guess my question was more for Justice (or Jarl) where on PS4, it doesn’t seem like they can overwrite gems that are the same color such as a blue replacing an existing blue or color 2 (skull) won’t overwrite a blue created on for color 1 (blue).

maybe it’s just luck but it seems like on ps4, I can get almost a full screen of blue/skulls in 2-3 casts of Justice. it seems consist compared to my time using a similar team on steam/mobile.

pretty favorable map but this is how just about all of the battles go on PS4 for me with Justice.

Oder of colors can be found at http://ashtender.com/gems/trooptable in the “Spell Effects” column. In Jarl’s case, it’s:

Fire Hammer: Creates Red, creates Yellow, damages

So he makes red gems first.


So I went back and using windows snipping tool and pause on youtube :slight_smile: I was able to compare before and after justice casts. I looked at 3 casts and each time, I found 15 new blue gems or skulls.

I tried to do this on PC but i failed and give up trying as I don’t have the patience for this tonight. The one attempt, it looked like 5 of the 15 created blue/skulls overwrote existing blue/skulls.