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Old weapons and old bonus

Hi everybody. I think that its impossible to get the Staff of Madness and the boom boom if you haven’t get a long time ago in one of the week event. Only maybe for the collection is there any way to get them.
And What happened with the gold weekend, and other bonus that before been doing…
Thanks for the time to read the post.

I don’t know about the staff of madness, but you can get the boom boom out of game. (LMAO, sorry poor humor is probably lost in translation… but, couldn’t resist, just been one of those days…)

Many players have been requesting a return of the old ‘EVENT WEAPONS’ which I think is what you are talking about. @Nimhain has commented on this topic when I raised it some time ago. In short, they would like to bring these old weapons back, and are looking at ways they can do it.

If they could just bring the good ones back, I think that would satisfy the majority, but the collector in me does want them all. Having a weapon that can do true damage to all enemies only in the hands of a fraction of the audience is a bit painful pill to swallow… but hopefully, soon, they put a plan in place to bring these items back.

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sounds good thanks for the reply

Yeah,we really want the old weapons back!

With the new lvl cap, the event weapons should be added into the drop table.

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