Can you get old event card back?

well what the title says, i started playing less than a week ago and i wasn’t strong enough to get enough glory for gob chomper and now i feel a little screwed, will gob chomper ever return? what about all the other event weapons?

I can’t speak for the weapons, but I’m pretty sure that most event troops get added to the potential drops after a set period. On ps4(which is quite different from pc version) I got a ragnagord last week, which was a Christmas event troop.

Also, I don’t remember the name of the troop, but the lightning themed one from new years; my husband got that from a glory key after the event was over, on pc/mob version.

I wouldnt be worried about Gobchomper or any troop, since you can open them in a chest. But the real issue is that there are over 30 weapons only “obtainable from special events” and since the weekly event doesnt seem to do any reruns, it basically impossible to collect those… I mean sometimes a special weapon pops up a part of a bundle, but nobody is going to spend 50 dollars just to get one weapon.

so no event weapon was ever offered twice? seems like a weird decision to me

Actually, they have done reruns, at least in the PC/Mobile version, so don’t lose hope yet. :slightly_smiling:

I can’t speak for consoles, but on PC/mobile event weapons have been offered again. They were part of the glory packs, not the real money packs. I specifically remember Bullroarer and Silent Night, as I had not yet found the game when they were offered the first time. So, I would say there’s still hope.

Only weapon that hasn’t appeared twice is stuff of madness. All other older weapons have been available 2 times.

oh good to know then, i am in no hurry but i hate not being able to complete a collection

It’s about time for staff of madness to appear again. It’s the only one I’m missing…

Actually… Older weapon used to appear during weapon event (every 2 weeks, you have an event weapon while every other week it’s a troop event except some particular cases).

But that’s not the case anymore, since 1.0.8, we have bundles containing the new event reward, but nothing about older weapons and I don’t think they were made available through level ups.

So, yeah, devs, I hope you got the message : gotta bring in a second bundle during every weapon event to allow player to buy older event weapon.
Or maybe a permanent “random weapon bundle” available for Glory, containing

  • A random EVENT weapon (selected among the weapon you don’t have, if any)
  • Souls
  • Golds
  • Maps
  • Gold Keys

Seems like a fair thing to me.

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Not quite true - last year’s Easter event weapon, Eggsplosion, has not appeared again. However, I expect it will come Eastertime!

Never saw that weapon to be honest xD

They could always have an Event like this:

Called Armory Raid, we can earn (and buy) some kind of item like a Treasure Map where we play a game mode to collect Tokens. These Tokens, along with minimum Mastery levels, allows you to buy these past weapons.

  • Players get more weapons (especially the ones they want), increasing player satisfaction.
  • Developer makes some extra money, increasing their satisfaction.
  • It’s just another new twist in the game, and that’s never truly a bad thing, is it?

If it’s any comfort, the hero is laughably underpowered mid to late game. If you can work through the beginning, you’ll end up never missing them.