Troop Availability

Hello there!
As I was reading the weapons list, I noticed that it stated which weapons were only available during events. Then I checked out the troops list, however, it doesn’t tell you that information about troops. There are some troops I don’t have yet and I’m wondering if I missed them during an event. Is there anyway to put that info on troops too?
Thanks! And BTW??? LOVE this game!!!

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That’s because all event troops end up in chests after some delay, while event weapons will not be available again until another event. So you can eventually get all troops, even if you miss the events, but you cannot get all weapons if you miss said events.

I do agree though they should let us know which troops are not available in chests yet so we can know if we will find them in keys or not… I know its something like two months but just to put it next the troop, like (not in chests) or something would really help out.

This is something we’ve discussed in the past but we don’t have anything planned at the moment.

In the mean time I can tell you the previous troops currently available in the chests are:

  • Sylvasi
  • Ragnagord
  • Shadow Hunter
  • Grave Knight
  • Ice Witch
  • Bul’Tauros
  • Aziris
  • Giant Spider
  • Celestasia

Goblin Rocket and Hobgbolin aren’t available in chests at the moment, right?
Would be very nice, if this could be changed next time. :wink:

They get added in the order they appeared in events. So Hobgoblin will be soon. Goblin Rocket will take a while.

Just a question regarding the troops an. Once they appear in chests, does that mean that they stay in the chests permanently or do they eventually get removed again?


Unless they’re seasonal imps, they stay in the chests once they’ve been added to the pool.

Thanx Archenassa

Hope n the next patch could explain troop availability or classify that for the dumb ones like me :stuck_out_tongue:

This might also be of interest to you cleric

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Thanx melkathi - time to spend my 100+ keys then.