Oh, Event Weapons

I bet you saw the title of this and thought I’d be complaining about getting past weapons. PLOT TWIST - in fact I’m here to voice my unwanted opinion about future weapons.

Looking at my favourite spoiler website [https://www.taransworld.com] I’ve seen that some things in the future are much like the others :eyes:

Specifically, I’m talking about the weapons that are all. the. same. “Deal x damage to an Enemy boosted by x allies. Create a mix of gems boosted by x allies”
Are the days of receiving actual useful weapons that required some imagination to create gone? Rope Dart, Flammifer, Sky Hero and Trickster’s Shot (to name a few). Now, all we are receiving is the same carbon copy weapon in every event. In my opinion, it’s boring, unimaginative, lazy and most of the time doesn’t even trigger a loop when fired. Shameful.

Edit: I’m not referring to Tower of Doom weapons (mostly). Just Raid and Invasion.


Moved to Spoilers category. Some folks might not want details about unreleased troops/weapons/etc. spoiled for them, even in the abstract.

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Thanks, didn’t consider that :slight_smile:

Not every event. Every Tower of Doom event… That’s by design. There’s 2 types of Doom weapons. Life support and skull support. That are exclusive to 1 weapon a month.
3/4 current Doom Weapons are in the top 10 for best in the game. So yeah… I’m good with carbon copies that transform different colors. It’s really brought back skull spam teams to be useful. 🤷

Yes, the skull Doom weapons are great (except for the ones that create a coloured gem and not a doom skull), but the next ones coming are also basically carbon copies of the life support ones. I’m talking about raids and invasions really though… surely a few imaginative weapons could be introduced in between all the same same :woman_facepalming:t3:

The problem is there is only so many options for unique weapons in this game. Have any ideas you would like to see?

More weapons with the “Quick” (extra turn), “Striking”, “Deadly”, and “Enchating” perk would be lovely, to be honest. But as for its actual spell, no. I’m not that creative. I know GoW employs people who are though :crazy_face:

“x” in this case meaning “kingdom/race”. Basically different flavors of Divine Protector. Feels okay to me, having one for each kingdom/race fits the Boss Raid/Invasion theme, and it’s probably going to enable some interesting team builds.

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In truth, some kingdoms or troop types are so weak comparatively that giving a divine protector style weapon to such a Kingdom is a complete waste of time. At best it will be bought as a tier purchase and then be added to the scrap heap of poor weapons that litter the game. Maybe a troop or 2 added in the future will give reason for such a weapon to deserve an ingot or 2 but in truth, the bombardment of events and troops is now so prevalent that we rarely see anything interesting or novel. Mythics of late have been lacklustre, as have most weapons…as for faction troops; no idea what the plan is in that respect. Making it impossible to win at 500 seems to be the M.O. for many faction teams. The determination to part us from our gems and make a dollar has produced a real nosedive in quality and enjoyment whilst tying us to our consoles for hours on end. Can’t think of another game that does that.


(When it gets FIXED, it’s going to be closer to OP than lack luster.)

I think I’m ok with some carbon copy weapons as well when dealing with kingdom/race specific abilities. On the flip side it seems unfair to not have a weapon specific to each race & kingdom. Obviously some will be better or worse than others. That can’t really be helped. But some MAY actually make some racial/kingdom teams (more) viable for the creative players out there.

The alternative is to create hellish power creep with each new weapon if the devs had to keep coming up with 100% unique weapons. It seems apparent that one day eventually every color & race will have a troop or class that gives +1 to all stats & start with 50% mana. So why not a similar trend with weapons?

I understand where you’re coming from, just think it’s better than the alternative could be.

(When it gets FIXED, it’s going to be closer to OP than lack lustre

It’s got potential for sure as and when it’s fixed. Possible P1 skull smasher to boot if you keep its armour topped up. But ur probs gonna have to team it with megavore if ur gonna get full damage points in wars. Other game modes offer more scope for sure. Even when it’s fixed, I think ketras and avatar are better all round damage dealers. At least you know whats gonna be left after casting. Troops with the ‘between x and y damage’ just don’t give the same confidence IMO. But I will give it a whirl in a team or two for sure.