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Old cash cow looking for friendly retirement home (daily gold+GW)

Cheerz fellows! :beers:

I’m a German 32 year old experienced high level player (nearly lvl 900) and on the personal finish line of this game. At the moment i am the Paragon (can reach over 50.000 weakly points) of Heroes Of The War (Rank 21, GW bracket 2-3)…so i guess i am not too bad in attacking. :space_invader: I can’t or rather won’t fulfil top guild obligations in the future, but nevertheless i won’t stop playing a little. So a daily dose of guild war battles and maybe some more at any time i want seems pretty cool.

So what can i offer? Of course all kingdoms are on lvl10 and have at least 3-7 stars. So a good daily tribute income is ensured. I spend every coin in guild tasks! At the moment i can’t really predict how much gold :moneybag: it’ll be. I will play guild wars and challenge your actual Paragon to show his best performance! :person_fencing: :sunglasses: I can give tips and explanations for buliding teams, farming, growing up fast. But i am not sad if you already know these things and dont fuss me with questions…just kidding! :stuck_out_tongue:

I expect an organised guildmaster who always cares about a full guild and an adult communication way (gladly xbox club, facebook, or whatever…). Maybe there’s already a veteran retirement home? If not i’d like to check out if someone here is interested in me. If nothing works i ll try any crap guild from the proposals until i find one interesting. :grinning:


I would’ve begged you to join my new guild as a senior to advise and how to drive things forward.
Alas we are on different platforms… :confounded:


Yup, would be a perfect fit for my PS4 guild. Hopefully there is a solid casual guild on XBox that is looking…

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I think you’d be a perfect fit for my guild man. We are a laid back bunch, we do communicate and we have gotten stronger as time has gone on. Shadowed warriors are rank 130 but everyone contributes and we are climbing quickly in guild wars. If you’re interested, would love to have ya on the team!


Hello, I would like to think that our guild would meet your standards. We consider ourselves “casual but active” We do have weekly requirements but they are not nearly as hardcore as the majority of the top guilds. All 30 members are active and our very bare minimum for staying in the guild at Rank 5 is 200k donations 1000 Seals and 20 Guild War battles a week although the majority of us do well more than this. We have a member who wishes to retire out and that brings us this one opening.

The majority of us are over level 1000 (21/30 of us). We do track stats weekly in a database and post the results for everyone in the guild to review and follow :slight_smile: Rank 9 currently. We have peaked at 7, but do not consider ourselves contenders for top 5. Those are for the more hardcore players. We have had players leave us for more active guilds in the past. They are always welcome back if their play style changes.

We are a daily player guild just here to have fun. I like to think that we are the bridge leading to the “hardcore” guilds. Most of us are members of the website Trueachievements.com but that is not a requirement for being part of the guild. It just helps in the friendly communications. Check out our thread.


TrueAchievementElite would be happy to welcome you aboard.


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Cheerz cnirvana! We already had contact this year and i was on your waiting list. Then i decided to stay in my guild and i’m still in love with it. Nevertheless i absolutely like your guild and the way you lead it. I’m a quiet reader of your TA-thread, too. :smiley:

So, thanks for the contact, but i definitely won’t hit the seal requirements and will even struggle to hit 200.000 gold i guess. So, to not embarass your other guild members it should be better for you to fill up your spot with a more active player.

@MalteseShadow: I’ll contact you here as soon as my guild is ready for the change! I can’t say exactly how long it’ll take.

Thx everybody!

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Wow. Would have been nice to get at you.

Lol, don’t call yourself old, that makes me feel really old with 36 g
If it shouldn’t work out with your new guild let me know, we are currently around rank 140 and have quite a few germans in our guild including myself. Would be nice to have some more, also no requirements aside from staying at least a bit active.

J’ai pris connaissance de votre recherche, vous pourriez correspondre aux critères de notre guilde, nous sommes classés 60 et en tranche 4 en gvg, nous sommes en pleine reconstruction et nous recherchons des joueurs actifs n’ayant pas peur de relever le challenge qui est devant nous, des boîtes intra guilde ont fait que j’ai été obligé de " prendre des décisions drastiques" .
Ma guilde s’appelle Tamriel et si d’aventure vous vous sentez l’âme d’un bâtisseur je vous promet que chez nous votre besoin de challenge sera exaucé, en contreparie nous serons plus souples concernant votre temps de jeu et à l’écoute de vos demandes.
Si le défi ne vous fait pas peur, c’est avec joie que nous vous accueillerons.
Bien cordialement,