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Looking for Top 30 clan

I’m lv 330ish, always do GW, hit 1500 every week. Looking for a fun but serious clan that does GW daily and is committed to growing players. I was with Heroes of the War for almost 4 months but a ownership change ruined the clan. That clan use to have great discussions on the clan page, everyone was free to express their opinion, it was awesome. New guild owner started deleting posts of our clan page if you didn’t agree with her, players started disappearing, it was crazy. GT WickedCoolHand. Message me. Looking for a clan that hits 40K per week, I’m still growing so I can hit $100-200K per week.

I would strongly prefer a clan that has their own clan page to chat. Message me at WickedCoolHand.




Feel free to check my feed on Xbox One, you’ll see that I regularly beat 1000+ level players and usually go around 26-4 in GW every week.

Hi, we are level 28, we complete all tasks+Lt 40k seals. We all chat and have a Xbox club. Bracket 2 guild wars
Let me know if you’re interested in joining us :blush:

Jesus, WickedCoolHand, what happened to the lovely Heroes? :open_mouth: :disappointed_relieved:

Good luck in finding a new clan. Hopefully i meet you in PvP sometimes to beat up your sweet botty! :grin: :person_fencing:

The owner/creator of the guild left. I thought he made a good choice for
new owner, but someone apparently don’t know how to handle power… lol…