Heroes Of The War - Top25 guild

Hi, we are a very friendly and semi-professional guild. We have very fair terms of admission and an own xbox club. We are a good mixture of high and mid-level players. In the last 7 weeks we managed to climb from Rank 30 to Rank 22, we also participate in GW bracket 3. We don’t torture each other. We don’t instantly kick players and have a fair guild pro-/demotion/kick system.

  • at least 100k to 350k+ gold, depending on your guild rank and overall level +saving a weekly 130k for our monthly team synergy week
  • 1.3k to 1.5k weekly seals, depending on your guild rank
  • 100 to 250+ trophies, depending on your guild rank
  • participation in guild wars (no request on purchasing sentinels)

For more infos and recruting requests, please message guild master “bieralle” (gamertag). We accept all levels, who can meet the easy requirements. You wont regret to be a part of us!

I am at level 696 and would love to join. Y2KARNAGE_BVSV

My guild I am in is kinda of dead now.

Hey, would be a pleasure to meet you in our guild. Please message gamertag “bieralle” on XboxLive for adding you to our club and guild!

2 spots open!