Oh, wow! I got Death from the Invasion shop!

I didn’t know it was possible to get a Mythic from the Invasion shop. I know I got really lucky. It was a nice surprise to start off on a Monday.


They don’t pop up in global chat when you get it. But for some reason Sacred Treasures do. 🤷
Congratulations all the same! :grinning:

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I thought the pool was restricted to the kingdom. Shouldn’t Ra be the only mythic in invasion shop?

Thanks, guys! I really have no idea who should have been in there. I’m just happy I got a mythic for 100 gems. Now I just need to come up with a decent team for invasion…

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Kingdom for Raids.
Troop type for Invasions.


Didn’t know that, thanks.

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If the event is Undead (as now), all undead mythics are in pool. Including the Horseman.

Including the Horsemen…of which only one is actually Undead. :grin:

Should’ve been horsemAn instead of men lol. I blame the coffee…

Congrats!!! I was floored too when I scored King Stonehammer… it’s only happened once for me in the whole time playing… Congrats Again!!

Awww thanks, man. It’s been two days and I’m still stoked about it.

Congrats! :slight_smile:

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Dude, i cant believe it… I pulled Pharos Ra from Class Event!!! Woo hoo… ok now it’s the 2nd time in all the time I’ve been playing!!!

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