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Oh wow! Got my first Valraven after two years of playing!

I just played a session of Gems of War. Mixture of Guild Wars, pvp, dungeon, and a couple of vault keys. I can’t remember where I got it from but when I went to look at my troops I noticed I only have one Valraven which means the one I got today was my first one ever in the two years I have been playing this game.

I have actually pulled more Mythics than I have pulled Valraven so for me, Valraven was actually harder to get than Mythics… ain’t that some stuff or whuuuuut?

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They’re only in vault keys, so relatively hard to come by :man_shrugging:

I think we all have had a card elude us, [ not discussing mythic]; just a card that never came. Mine was Abhorath, nothing special as a card [except I think the first card still in the card list. ]
I was over level 1000 before I got this basically standard card. Cards come or don’t come; even non-mythic. Glad you got your Valraven.

Yeah I’m at level 1132 and have been playing for about two years and four months. The weird thing is I have always thought it was in my collection just because it was a common- hell I actually thought I had multiples of it and when I went to ascend it I was surprised to see I didn’t have any from before and that this one was my first and only one.

I definitely had that ‘Whuuuuuuuuut’ look when I found out it was my first one.

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But Valraven is only available as a prize in the Vault, so that explains it all. Enough room to be unlucky there for years, if you do not have 100s of vault keys.

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