[Not a bug] Vulpphire Hunter where are you

Is Vulpphire Hunter in the drop table? I am f2p and still do not have this. Otherise, I am only missing the last campaign mythic. What has it been 6 months?

Yes I know it’s in the soulforge this week. That reminded me it’s still missing. What are the odds it did not pull in thousands of opened chests. This week I pulled 5 mythics from gem and glory. No Vulpphire Hunter.

I have two guild mates saying the same thing.

System is Xbox.


I am f2p too.

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What system? We have at least 3 of 30 in a top 20 guild that does not have it on Xbox. That seems odd for some reason. I have the same type of troop from the last pass. It was released after V.H.

Pc, steam.

We don’t have nearly enough information to make an informed estimate. Things like how many keys of each type you’ve used, et cetera.

The odds of finding any one particular card in a small number of keys – of any type – is rather microscopic. The only two ways that you really have decent odds in a not-enormous number of keys are to throw Event Keys at a particular troop during the appropriate week, or to throw Glory/Gem/Guild/VIP keys at the new mythic during its’ release week.

I think I might have gotten one Vulpphire Hunter from chests since it joined the drop pool, and I usually spend 50 Gem Keys or 200 Glory Keys every day, not counting whatever I throw at the new mythic on its’ release day. The odds that I’d find the Hunter between then and now over that totality of time and key spending probably isn’t microscopic, but also probably isn’t large enough that I’d consider it “more likely than not”.

But I also stopped worrying about it once one popped out from a Legendary Task that one of my guildmates purchased.

Hello :slight_smile:

I can confirm that Vulpphire Hunter is available in the drop pool. (I got it from a Glory chest that I opened)

Unfortunately, it seems that you may have been very unlucky in this instance.


What platform are you on?

It’s in the drop pool for Xbox. Just pulled it with my 1st 50 gem key pull … took 1000 gem keys to pull on my PC account



Last week I opened 3000 gem keys, 9000 glory keys, and didn’t got vulpphire hunter so far. I got 9 mythic instead, but all doubles.
You are not alone, RNG is fun thing. Same pattern goes with gem dragons, there are plenty players that doesn’t have all 6.

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If you do not want to craft it then I would wait til its kingdom comes up. There are lots of legends in game and to try and get a certain one may take lots of resources. Also you could try when the new mythic comes in September. Knock out 2 birds with one stone.

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No surprise there, what you spent isn’t even remotely enough. You get roughly 1 legendary troop out of 50 gem keys. There are roughly 200 legendary troops in the pool. You need on average 50 x 200 = 10000 gem keys to pull a Vulpphire Hunter.

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