Is Vulpphire Hunter in drop pool?

@Jeto @Kafka @Bramble @OminousGMan
Just asking and hoping for an answer this year, because the two other troops are now in chests:


My guess is no, they put the latest legendary available in the right side and its not vulpphire hunter

Following. I still don’t have the card either

I spent 90k glory and did not get a single Fennec Mage which is only an Epic. Something gotta be off. I know they are not easy to get, but still.


Spent about 250k glory and got a few Fennec Thief, but no Fennec Mage…

Has anyone seen an answer to this? Is it in chests or has anyone gotten it from a chest?

I spent a lot too without getting her in the chests. Then I got her in one of the daily offers and bought her for gems.

Wow, congrats. As many offers I get for troops because I haven’t leveled them all to silver I haven’t gotten that one. I might not be at a level high enough to receive it yet. I’ll have to check

I have a similar question - is Pyrophemus in drop pool? Cos I still haven’t got a one after all the tons of glory wings spent since the Broken Spire KPass end. Oh no, don’t answer, let it be a surprise :face_with_peeking_eye:

This should answer your question as there was just a single copy available from kingdom pass, if I’m not mistaken.

Just what I thought :grin: Need way more wings

@Jeto A simple “yes” or “no” would be nice :smiley: Thanks.