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Why did I get Valraven in the Vault as a reward?

Well, it’s even nastier than 2 minor traitstones from a Gnome. Why do I get a totally useless unit in such rare event as the Vault?

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This is the only place to get Valraven cards. That was the whole point. You’ve got a rare card that very few people have. And you’re complaining?

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Not everyone plays the game with the intent on completing their collection. For those people, Valraven is a worthless reward.

For me it was also worthless, but as are most of the rewards so it doesn’t bother me :sweat_smile:


Valraven isn’t necessarily useless, its Explode Gems is useful for giving Mana to other Troops.

It’s a Beast, so starts with 50% Mana if you also have Forest Guardian.

If you combine it’s “Fly Away” spell with a summoner eg Giant Spider, then you can get a quick replacement.



Could you imagine a decent team with Valraven?

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The AI needs Sigils for the weekly events too, so show a little compassion and play your damn Valraven you monster!


And devs need our gems, so they invented Boss Raids and Invasions, yep.

Treasure Gnome, Valraven, and Cedric Sparklesack are troops created for diamonds, the people whose primary source of fun comes from collecting things. For everyone else, they’re a bit of a booby prize. C’est la vie. I think it’s clear from the design the devs don’t intend for every Vault visit to be amazing.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if we can do the opposite and sell our daily sigils for gems? :heart_eyes:

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I would like to commend the forum members for not responding with, “because you touch yourself at night.” :upside_down_face:

The dodo bird is very useful, actually. It gives your fingers good exercise as you scroll past it on the troop select list while you’re trying to put together a viable team. :slight_smile:

That one has its own reward and doesn’t involve summoning Valravens. But it’s guaranteed I’ve just inspired a new kink.