Official Speed-Running Community Thread

As someone who loves watching speedruns, I think it’s time we start to create a speed running community within Gems of War!

Speed Run Leaderboard

Just @ me if you want to submit a time to the official leaderboard!


The first category that I thought made the most sense, is Pet Rescue!

Official Pet Rescue Rules (No Swaps):

  1. Time starts when you click “To Battle” on the first fight
  2. Each segment (if you choose the time them) ends on the last enemy dying
  3. Time stops when the last enemy on the last fight dies
  4. There is no team swapping allowed for this category, the team you start with you must use throughout

Official Pet Rescue Rules (Swaps):

  1. Same rules as “No Swaps” except for Rule 4
  2. You must swap teams at least once during the run to be accepted for the Swaps category.

If anyone else wants to start other speed running categories, just let me know and I’ll add the category to the spreadsheet once firm rules have been establish for the run.


If you’re looking for free speed-running software, you can get LiveSplit here.


Amazing way to see people’s fastest teams. Nice! Lol

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It’ll definitely help everyone out, but fortunately for everyone, Pet Rescue’s aren’t in any way competitive between players so seeing the best Pet Rescue team only helps the broader community and doesn’t hurt any guild’s competitive edge in events :stuck_out_tongue:

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You know just what to say to trigger NOTA for another leaderboard run don’t u :smirk:
Sounds like a fun idea to me . Wish the new timer the devs added to game was visible in our victory screens.

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Always loved speedrunning. I have timed them as low as under 4 minutes before, so will need to try an official one later. Hard to get a lot of pets to test with though. The only speedrun that is restricted to once per hour at max despite taking 5 or less minutes to complete. XD


Fast pet Rescue teams can only be used in pet rescues. Seems legit to me.

Shame, figured you’d be all about it @awryan.

Oh well, feel free to not participate.

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Different pet rescues may be easier with different teams…

Like just using Gobchompers + empowered skull converters to get some really quick kills against the goblin layout…

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Then use that team against that enemy group and beat the record!

If we wanted to split it up by fight-type, we can.