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Gems of War added to speedrun.com!

Hi all !

I did a challenge yesterday, to make Pet Rescue the fastest possible. I did a video and I was allowed by speedrun.com staff to add Gems of War to their site ! So if you’re interested by challenging me, have a look here !

I’ll add another category when we have Goblins as boss, because I think the strategy is very different compared to the other ones. Plus, I think I’ll add a category by doing 10 Explorations the fastest possible, in Warlord IV. Or go to 60 turns in Treasure Hunt the fastest possible.

Hope some of you will be interested by these kinds of challenges !

EDIT : just destroyed my PB with a new time of 5’41"92, vid will be available tomorrow.


For treasure hunt, I think fastest time to get a vault would be a more interesting challenge.

Both can be added. It can be an interesting challenge indeed !

So, I’m not gonna bother with signing up to that website but my best time is 4:33 (depending on what you count as the start and finish, might be shorter).


It’ll be around 4:22, great time ! Do you wanna submit it to speedrun.com ? I can do it by myself if you prefer.

Way to go, @Whiskeyjack :smiley:


Hey, not the sort of thing I’d do myself so happy for you to if you want. I’d actually already challenged my guild mates to a speedrun which is why I have the video

It tooks a while, but you’re in the rankings now. :wink:

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Well, here is a 1:47 vault in treasure hunt as a starter, if you are interested in creating that category

Platform: PS4

And here is a 2 vault speedrun in 2:45 also as a starting point for people to compete against.

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Thank you ! I’ll add that as soon as possible.

Goblins in pet rescue in ~ 5:03

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It took a while, but everything is updated !

Thanks Bolatsi. :slight_smile: