Odd choice for guild wars defense team

During one of my guild wars matches this week, i cam across this defense team. I am used to seeing defenses like this in my secondary guild, in bracket 200 or so. But seems really out of place in bracket 4. Is there a good reason to set a defense like this?

Some bracket 4 guilds do not have strict level req recruitment policy.
Chances are you just fought a new recruit who’s also fairly new in the game.

This. I’ve spent a lot of time in brackets 2-4 and there are a lot of guilds that take in newer players who can’t field meta defenses. Since in many cases the 24 unique def troops are more important for soldiers/vanguards some times you have to stretch a little to put together a coherant team at lower levels.

I have been in the 4-7 bracket range for a lot of months. This is the worst defense i have seen. 'it seems out of place surrounded by ubastets and the like.

The most common defense mistake I see is “players who think ‘yellow day’ means ‘use only yellow troops’”. Even in Bracket 4. Saw it twice on the same day once.

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That’s not necessarily a bad idea if you’re adding dawnbringer in, especially in brackets 4 or below where fewer people will have their own DB. 16 more damage to all? YES please!

Besides, matching defense to color of the day could help to starve the attacker if that color to drag out the match for fewer points. If the ai doesn’t botch it.

Taken from our Discord:
I think we were in Bracket 3 at the time.


seeing this pic makes me want a mythic that can unlevel troops on the enemy team…couple casts and youre fighting common lvl 1 cards xD

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