Not too happy with the new PvP - anyone one else feel the same?


I have a daily routine. I am just weird that way. I play until I reach rank 1 in PvP and then do all the other fun stuff.
The newe PvP and defence system just made my routine go down the toilet. Anyone else?

Sorry for nagging or trolling or complaining. But what is a voice if it cannot be heard? This PvP just took the fun out of the game for me. Sad Sad and more sad.


Nope, I disagree completely. Now it gives individual players a chance to shine and rank up versus just the guild. The rewards are nicer and the choosing of opponents is a nice new touch.

Happy Happy and more Happy.


My wife completely agrees with you. I haven’t had as hard of a time, but I know some people are having difficulty adjusting.


LOL, like the last part. I know there are pro’s and cons and obviously this game wasn’t just made for me.

Let be explain better. I suck at the game and PvP in general. It took me almost 5 days before the patch to reach level 1 ( I know!!) but know I struggle to get past level 10. So now it feels there is no chance to ever reach level 1 so that I can continue with Arena (mainly for souls) or grind for traitstones by replaying challenges.

Your point is valid of course and maybe if I got better at the game I would agree.

Thanx for replying though.


My wife completely agrees with you. I haven’t had as hard of a time, but I know some people are having difficulty adjusting.
So I guess this falls into that 50/50 catagory and there is nothing I can do about it.


I detest the current mode. I’m giving it time to see if they work bugs out, but if it doesn’t turn around I’ll just walk away.


I think the exact opposite, previous PvP mode was just meh. New system is a lot more enjoyable but require some tweaking.


I have to disagree. Wasn’t sure at first but now I love it. A new routine will develop, that’s for sure.


It took me 66 battles to get to Tier 1. Not too bad. I think it’s quite nice overall since I was already playing 50-100 battles a week and now I’m just getting more rewards for the same effort.

I think it helps when you just ignore the Ranked Rewards. The competition there is nuts. But the Tier rewards basically give you thousands of extra gold, hundreds of extra souls and glory, and dozens of extra glory keys over what the old system gave… All for not that much extra play than before.


It will jyst have to, \i love this game too much. Should I just not bother with PvP and rather play the ubranked one? MMM


Nah, Casual is a waste of time. Just play Ranked for fun and focus on the Tier rewards. If you can get to Tier 6 then great, you’re getting just as good of rewards as the old Rank 1. If you can do more, awesome, now you’re doing better than you were before!


Yep, it just seems more difficult now and not defending people who attacked you, well, all that stuff through my routine around a bit and I’m a creature of habbit.

I’ll just march on and see where the week gets me then.

Thanx for all the replies


It’s a bit early to tell but I think I like the new PvP quite a bit better than the old one. I used to play to rank 1 on the very first day of the week, then spend the rest of the week within Arena. This week I find myself playing a few additional matches each day. I can’t really put my finger on what is causing it, something just keeps pulling me back in.


Just fight teams you know you can beat. I almost never fight the third team, usually right the 2nd, and sometimes fight the first. I actually find it easier now bc the matches are less pegged to the player level. I sometimes see folks way below me in level/troops but I get matched with them bc of ranking. I used to have to do a LOT of skipping.

They also had the defense system really messed up for the first day or two (folks getting hit too often and losing too many points per loss) but it seems fine now. That’ll help with progression.


Rank 1 on day one!! You make me look bad. It takes me best part of the week and I play 1-3 hours a day. I guess I suck and not the system!


You might just need help making a better team. Fortunately, you’re in the right place for that help :grin:

What are you running currently? Have you checked out @Tacet’s videos? Or looked through old posts to find good teams for whatever troop(s) you favor?


Nah, just with the old PvP system, you only needed slightly above 20 wins for that. The new one takes a lot longer, I’m still enjoying it though, even after reaching tier 1. Will the interesting to see how it works out next week, past the initialization phase.


My attacking team is as follows: Venoxia, Shadow Dragon, Begemoth and them my Hero (busy ranking Priest). All of them are levelled up but none have any traits on them or my hero for that matter.

The only troos of mine that hace traits on them are mostly low level troops. Thanx for the tip on watching [quote=“Studs, post:16, topic:7590”]

video. I only play for fun. The colors relaxes me. It’s not the game, I know it’s me. I hate change because of my need for routine.

Are my troop choice good.bad? I seem to change them every week (funny for someone who likes to stick eith routines, I know LOL)

Thanx for the replies


Yeah, doesn’t sound like the best team to be honest. It’s slow to get going, Behemoth seems relatively useless (especially if he doesn’t have his traits and isn’t in the first slot), and Priest works best with Yellow weapons but Shadow Dragon blocks yellow and transforms Yellows to Purple.

Shadow Dragon and Venoxia could be a decent core. Something like Venoxia / Goblin Shaman / Shadow Dragon / Archer (with a Green weapon). You could also sub out the hero for Webspinner (if you have it) or even Scale Guard (though something like Green Slime or Green Seer might be better).


Wow, you gave me a lot to figure out. Thanx for helping. Bust watching @Tacet’s videos. Should have done it months ago!

Yeah, this is a very slow team. Never found one that I am truly happy with, although Rock Worm is still my favourite troop and Valkyrie close second. I should really farm those traitstones to trait my troops.

Thanx again for the help Studs