Your opinion about Pvp!

What do you think about the game’s Pvp? I would like to hear from you, player friends and gem lovers.

Me: I think there could be an improvement in the weekly prizes to make it more disputed and more played.

I used to do more Pvp a few years ago, but have tuned it down quite a bit. Still doing my tier 1 run on mondays out of habit, and that’s about it. Since the pet inflation has grown, hunting for pet gnomes as the last reason has gone away too.

Pvp teams are an overoptimised mess of strategies, counter-strategies and counter-counters, with the occassional 4-bomb freebie thrown in. Same reason, I dread guild war weeks these days. More rewards would not make it better, but worse, as there is an added pressure to do it.

If I feel like doing Pvp and having fun with it, I start an arena run.

Got bored of facing the same 12 people in never ending cycles. Quit PvP after power leveling Elementalist there.


Once i finished leveling classes, I had no motivation beyond getting to tier 1 each week. Long since reached the point where 99% of the pet battle found are maxed pets, and leaderboard rewards are outdated, at best. I also find myself fighting the same 2 or 3 people over-and-over. It’s boring and unrewarding.

For that to change, the weekly rewards need to be brought into the 2020’s. Ingots and traitstones are far more easily obtained than they were when the last changes were made, they aren’t even appealing. 50 Gems is laughable, but a good replacement wouldn’t need to be gems.

Ideally, a rotating set of rare rewards would be implemented, which could not only encourage more people to play, but varying groups of players as well. Maybe sacred treasures one week, dragonite another, Deeds the next, and so on. Add a fix to how opponents are chosen, and perhaps change how the pets found from pet gnomes are selected (ie. 50% chance it is one you don’t have maxed), and i think that would increase engagement with PvP…certainly would encourage me


Yes and basically what I also think is that all players think the same, they could put new prizes in each week, change the frequency of pets you win and also take care not to repeat the opponents and manage to balance that too.

Because pvp ended up becoming something massive, most players currently only play explore 9 or 12, there at least we got enough gold and also medals to evolve our cards and thus getting stronger every time.

But in pvp this does not happen, there is no attractive prize in pvp and most of the people who play pvp are to get a nice ranking and then stop again.

I don’t ever touch ranked pvp anymore, as I’ve already got a crap ton of all resources given out from tier rewards. Only time I’d even bother with casual pvp is to quickly level a new class, or to trigger a pet rescue if I have pet bait or am running a GAP. Otherwise, my time would be better spent grinding tokens, trophies and gold in Explore instead.

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If everyone thinks the same way as you, friend, pvp is currently a place where no one else plays, because most already have all the resources offered in pvp by the heaps.

Echoing opinions here. Outdated tier rewards and the loosened bottleneck of pets make PvP lackluster. I haven’t bothered getting to tier 1 for a long time.

What would make me want to do PvP again is perhaps a small group “bracket” as in other games. For example, every week you’d be put in a group with 50 or so people and compete for a top spot amongst the group. Then you’d have larger tiers you rise through gradually over the weeks.

For example, a group in a low bracket might give 50 gems weekly to its top performer, while a group in a high bracket might give 500 gems to its top performer.


A different way to refresh PvP would be to re-jigger the gnome appearance rates in there. If certain gnome types were only available there, or if those gnome types were much more common within PvP, people might pick that mode just to find them.

And it’s something that could be broadened to other game modes. If each game mode made it much more likely to find a particular type of gnome, players might gravitate to those modes where they’re more likely to find whatever resource they’re pursuing.

I used to play significantly more PvP when I was in a guild where I had to do a lot of pest gnome hunting for myself. I don’t have to do that anymore, so now I focus more on Explore 12 for tokens (and the forlorn hope that I’ll encounter a Hoard Minic) because that’s where my in-game progression energies are best focused. It’s not that I don’t need other stuff, but medalling troops is where I believe my time is best spent working towards goals that are attainable through work and not just praying to RNGeezus.


Please don’t…
It’s bad enough to have 2-5 weekly events to push through, and the daily ones on weekdays. The one upside of Pvp is, that I can choose how much or little I do it, depending on my mood, without missing out on much.
If that one becomes a rat race too, I doubt that I could handle the game any longer.