PvP - No longer fun

Am I the only one who basically dreads the run to Tier 1 in PvP every week due to meta team after irritating meta team after meta team? PvP used to be fun, people used to help others with the event, now every other (at most) team is a dragons eye or jar of eyes with thief and infinite summons of @#$@% bandits (this is NOT fixed Devs), what happened to this once helpful and fun community to turn into a bunch of trolls who only put up defense teams meant to irritate and anger your fellow GoW players?


If pvp was really a competition, people would never help others to defeat them.

But as far as the feature’s experience concerns me: I’ve stopped playing it completely months ago.

It’s simply not fun or engaging most of the time, the lack of balance on troops or mechanics is the main reason for me, but the rewards also plays a major role since they are not great anymore. I don’t need too much glory anyway, not even the Ingots or Pet Gnomes are attractive to warrant the effort.

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Ohh, finally someone that dont put just DE lol, i hate jar the most and in fact this week seen i am nice i putted 3 yellow troops (not the suicidal bovines o stuff like that tho) but with a supercute thief with jar, seen i gotta fight it so much will let others also enjoy it.

But hey, thief also summon heronats so in some way it help for the event :stuck_out_tongue:

So you are part of the (my perceived) problem with JoE and thief class.


Ofc, cuz i wanna see more QQ about Jar and not only about DE and what’s only way to do it?

Come here to forum saying it and get reply like “buuuuuu, only DE is the only prob of the game” or have ppls deal with it so THEY come here saying it?

Named Jar many times ages ago already but everyone seem focused on DE, devs are aware of the transform problem, so aware that a new osom weapon that’s coming out soon got a Trasform upgrade lmao, sure is only 10% but also Morana is 10% and we can see what AI can do with her.

Also the new weapon got the same lame thing of jar, explode the world BUT not the colors it use, that on top of making the target not transformed but a totally useless crap doomed to die (death mark + curse lol) and more.

Ps:AW is now my most loved mythic, why? is fun see jars/MC explode a whopping 0 gems or a DE destroying the same amount.

The only reason I don’t 100% agree here is the part of GoW that appeals to me is the mindless grind where I win a lot and accumulate rewards.

PvP does that. Sure, there are repetitive meta teams. This repetitive meta has about 8 teams it cycles through. A year ago the meta teams were “Divines with Ubastet” and “Divines without Ubastet”. That was pretty nasty, considering that beating either team had a fairly low % compared to the average rates vs. today’s wider meta.

Anyway, I like this brainless grind, the only part I don’t like is I feel so rushed to do it all in one day.

Raid/Invasion aren’t the same kind of “brainless” grind. By the time I’ve burned 20 or so sigils, the matches are getting difficult to win. 5 or 6 PvP losses in a row is frustrating but I keep trucking. If I lose that many event matches in a row I need to stop and ask my guild what the heck’s wrong with my team.

So yeah, I like brainless things, and I don’t need to do Explore anymore, so I appreciate PvP.


I never use DE nor JoE.
It’s more efficient to annoy people with a bomb + 2 lust + SoC. That team can actually consistently win on defense…

Joke aside. Every meta has an anti-meta. The hoard of DE and JoE teams are easily dusted by well played SK or bonnie teams. That have the bonus aspect of being damn fast. Takes me like 30-40 min to get to tier 1 every monday.

it’s a vicious cycle. people who get served with grief meta get frustrated, they begin to put grief meta too.

it sucks but when you had to face the same teams from the same few people over and over, it take toll on you.


As far as I can remember: pvp was always about cycling meta teams and this forum was always about whining about the meta teams.

The names may have changed during the times, but the rest not. You are no breaking news, you are a meta whiner :wink:

And what else would you expect? I’ve tested a lot of combinations as pvp def but the AI is too stupid to play them even half properly (gave up upon that for GW), can as well stop wasting the time to come up with some variety and do 4x the same troop or some meta team. Those work as least.

Mostly I set up event teams though, yes like 4x the same troop, because thinking about setting up something else is just a waste.

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A year ago it was the Goblin team, before that 2x Whisp and before that it was Famine. I think Mab was somewhere inbetween too. Not to forget the Kraken teams that were quite popular a year ago.


I spank DE w my warlord team and my thief team. Jar mostly too. I try switching up defense to see if I can form my own pain in the ass team. Too many heavies playing that can win a match in .00000078 seconds though.
Took me a lot of play just to get 20k points so I have a long way to go

Order can be changed, and Khorvash is less important for DE teams (depends on the Hero). Can be substituted in those cases for Sister Superior, say, in case of an enemy Frostmage/similar, or Scurvy Seadog (I never find this necessary).

Specifically as a Titan-killer (including DE):

I never bother, though - I had to make that team just for the screenshot. Last slot can be Tai Pan (to refill Scurvy and remove browns), Mercy or Moon Rabbit. DE is generally the only threat on those teams; occasionally there’ll be something else like Megavore or similar, but :man_shrugging:. Bard/Frostmage is probably good as a class (the latter to prevent runaway 4 matches). Judging when to cast is the other factor, I guess.

In some ways, this isn’t an answer to the issue presented; but in other ways, I have no problems with DE/Lust teams during the week, and I actually kind of look forward to the Lust ones as easy targets.

I know other people have their own counters, too (some involving health boosting with Yasmine’s Pride or Bard/Divinia, vs Lust teams).

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To be honest, the ubastet meta, while horrible, was still better than the current meta. At least with Ubastet, you were crushed in 2 turns if you were going to lose. the JoE and DE meta though seem to be basically troll teams that waste as much of your time as possible.


You and I are in complete agreement.

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PvP is the central theme of the game, regardless of how many events they invent, so it really is frustrating that it has gotten to this point. Troll teams are rampant, and I do not feel the developers have made any progress in correcting the issues.

  1. Defense wins are meaningless. Why put up a solid defense?
  2. Troll defenses are everywhere now. Players griefing other players, and why? What do you get out of griefing people you never even see?
  3. Dragon’s Eye is ridiculous. The Blessing change doesn’t even scratch the surface of what needed to be done: The Baby Dragon should be the magic level of the caster, or the level of the victim’s Baby Dragon troop. This shrinking level nonsense never made sense. Any troops with Devour immunity should also have transform immunity.
  4. Off Topic - Events that get harder by raising the level of the opponent are lazily designed. Power creep is already paramount in this game. This is making it worse.
  5. Off Topic - Old troops are worthless, and that is really sad.

Until they fix PvP, Gems is barely worth playing anymore. I had hope for 4.3, but that hope was misplaced.


Thank you @Zepp, I agree with everything you said.

You also should have mentioned how cheap the Boss troops are that can one shot kill any troop, also very lazy development.

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I agree, and I think it’s super lame. I’d still really like to see some kind of system that rewards people for setting good defences, and for beating them, too.

This was my take on a potential solution:

In other words, would you feel better about going up against a troll defence if it meant you might earn twice as much gold, e.g.? Obviously, time-wasting defences are still no fun.

Agreed, tbh.

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I personally hate playing pvp anymore, it is not fun like it used to be, I do not care to grind for trophies, I actually got 600 the other week, I used to average 1400 a week for a very long time

As a general interest question, to brainstorm how to improve it, what was it that you used to like about PvP?

I run zuul goth x3 firebomb. You’re welcome :crazy_face: