Not the way to run a business

So you all want me to spend money yet you all have repeatedly IGNORED numerous important topics on this forum. Is Steve F the owner not involved or what .I find it hard for a business to stay afloat for 30 years when you ignore the players that matter most. Rememeber end gamers are end gamers for a reason. The ones that have supported you since day 1. I for 1 am ready to say @@@@ this game and go back to gta. Yes im only 1 player but with the poor decisions/ bad updates that are repeatedly made/released more will join. Lol why would new players wanna invest money in this game. Hopefully they see what you do to endgamers.

You are ranting about issues however you have not identified what your rants are even about so how can they respond without knowing what even is your issue(s)?


Duh !!! Read the forums.

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Which is why @Ghaleon asked what your issue was specifically. Because the devs …

I am particularly curious as to why you think they should cater to you specifically. What makes your issues so special?

Frankly, if you yelled at me the way you yell at the devs, I would be glad to see you go. Not the best way to get what you want.


Or perhaps end gamers aren’t nearly as important as you think they are. If they don’t keep new players happy they never become end gamers.

Besides, I’d wager that although end gamers have spent money in the past, they aren’t the main source of income today. Most end gamers probably don’t need to spend money on anything whereas new & mid gamers are the ones trying to catch up and therefore spending money to do so.

I’ve said it before & you won’t want to hear it, but the devs owe you nothing for having spent money before. Whatever you purchased, you got your rewards and you’re still getting your VIP rewards and that’s where their obligation to you ended. You’re not entitled to anything beyond that. You don’t get more votes or a stronger voice than anyone else in the game just because you paid for virtual goods received.

As for threatening to leave, well, they have your money already so what’s the loss to them?


I am not gonna argue with anyone but they are not getting any money from me ever again. You all can go ahead and kiss butt like its all great and how awesome they are but soon when that bottom line drops and it will then they can go back and read all the posts that they refused to address . I dont think they need money anyways with the honor system update that they rolled out. Waste of time, money,and resources. Also if you think Im the only one that feels like this then you are sadly mistaken. Bottom line is the game going backwards and is not getting better . Its worse . The stupid new chat that constantly disconnects while playing,the hush hush crap like the honor garbage, worthless new mythics , copywriting other art, wanting players to design a troop and pretty much do their job. Gems of war is a train wreck.

Don’t let the door hit you on your way out. I hope you find something you enjoy, although right now that seems to be complaining.


May i ask why would a new player want to be a endgamer if devs charge you 50$ for a cosmetic pet And 10 $ for a portrait? New players would love to have the satisfaction of haveing everything from the game.I’m not asking for everything to be free, but at least a rezonabble price…

Old players grinded eveything they have now for years, why cant we do the same in 2019.