No more trophies/achievements in future updates

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If you are serious and not being sarcastic or just joking around, this is without a doubt the most selfish thing I’ve ever heard.

You can quit this game at any time and never come back to it. Consider that your end point. Bye bye, see ya later.

Why in the world would the devs structure the game to have an end point? The essence of an ftp game is that it never ends so players keep coming back for more.

There will always be something new. Doesn’t mean you can’t call game over whenever you’re done with it.


So it’s all about you. I am pretty sure that the Devs are not going to take advice from someone who does not even spend any money.

From reading your post I get the feeling you should focus on some real life achievements. This game will continue to have updates and additional content for the foreseeable future. Yes, you are being selfish. Maybe try playing a game for fun instead of trying to 100% it. Maybe realize there are thousands of people that play this game, that look forward to new content and things to do. Maybe realize that your precious “100% completion” don’t mean squat, when you’ve done nothing to support the game, community, or its developers. For you, it’s just another notch on your belt. My advice, if you don’t enjoy the game, don’t play it.


While represented in a very poor fashion, it doesn’t read to me that the OP wanted Gems of War to come to an end, just the Achievements/Trophies that keep coming up.

I sympathize somewhat with the OP though. As someone that does care about obtaining Achievements within reason (no, I’m not spending $50,000 real USD for 505 Games published title Prominence Poker for the Billionaire achievement), nothing makes me more frustrated than getting the feeling of being held hostage in a game.

When I’m put in that situation, my choice is to not support any future titles of companies that frustrate me. That’s it. They have the choice of adding very poorly designed Achievements (time gated Achievements are near the top of my least favorite), and I have the choice to take my money elsewhere.

Games can easily add more new content without adding new Achievements. You don’t see Fortnite adding more Achievements and look at their player base and activity.

Achievements are nice and all, which is why I don’t mind a base list, but at some point the sentiment becomes, “let me enjoy the game in peace.”

On a side note, its rather nice when Achievement/Trophy people are gone and the true fans of a game are left to enjoy the product. So why force them to stay (and often time bring negativity and impact gameplay)?

Yes, I have spent money on this game.
Yes, I have spent an extreme amount of time on this game.

You do realize this is more or less a collectible card game and the outrage from many long time players would be extreme if they lost the comfort about having a 100% complete collection or the perception of having a chance of obtaining a 100% complete collection?

There are many goal oriented players. What happens when you make their goals unobtainable?


I like when they add new achievements to the game. It’s one of the first things I search for when they post the patch notes for a new update.

So, I look forward to the next batch of achievements (as long as it isn’t another “take that geofff” type. :stuck_out_tongue:)


I do like having new achievements as well. I think I have played games that show 100% but really aren’t, because new achievements were added since I quit those games and I haven’t updated.

As long as a game is fun, I’ll keep playing. And if the achievements are available, I’ll get them eventually. But I gave up on 100% game completions back when the original GoW came out. Seriously? Never gonna happen. Neither is the CoD3 campaign. I might get this Geoff one tho.

Good luck, OP. Have fun. :blush:

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New Trophies, Achievments with every update +1


Just going to throw this out there, but if you find you have addictive tendencies toward anything (not just gaming) the best thing to do, to use the old phrase, is to “just say NO” to that thing.

I’ve got a very completionistic (new word?) mindset and Gems quite literally broke that mindset for me. The reality of how much time/and or money I would need to invest to stay at the absolute pinnacle of everything hit me like a brick to the face. It was enough of a wakeup call to get me to chill out. I consider myself lucky. I didn’t have to “say no” to gaming. I broke the temptation.

I realize it doesn’t work that way for everybody, but if you’re finding yourself so compulsively pulled toward something that it’s resulting in unhealthy behavior, the best solution is to just remove the temptation entirely. There’s a reason alcoholics aren’t told to switch to beer and smokers aren’t told to switch to “lite” cigarettes. Some people roll their eyes at the idea of video game addiction but they really shouldn’t.


If you’re a real completionist and not just using the term because it’s trendy. Then you should know that “games with live services” (like GoW) are impossible to ever “complete for good”. Because every update is supposed to work like an expansion on the base game.

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You can always just not play the game… being a completionist sounds more like a ‘you problem’ than anything else.

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The devs have a funny way of making decisions based off what a small segment of the community wants. Without factoring in what the majority wants because the majority stays silent.
So when you proposed your wants.
Others chimed in about their opposite wants as well.
I don’t assume your age level nor your intelligence.
But in the year 2020 anything posted online should be done with expectation of people disagreeing with you about the post if it’s an opinion piece.

So I hope the actual lesson you learned is to think of what others want (or at least the majority) before proposing an idea. If the idea solely benefits you and ruins others enjoyment… Then expect passionate feedback dismissing your idea.

The key word of any forums is “forum”. :man_shrugging:

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Oh geez. That’s not how it works. But okay take care.

This game has achievments? I would have never known. I play this game for fun. With the amount of people complaining on forums you would think we were playing for millions of $.

Seems to me that these players should seek some psychological help because extreme reactions and obsessing over a video game are psychological health issues.

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