Not getting the gold that I am getting from the Gold Chests

Is anyone else having this issue on the Xbox X? I just opened 200 chests, received over 3,000 gold and the gold was not added to my total. This is happening quit often. I have reported this issue at least 2 or 3 times, and it will be weeks before I hear back from support, and all I get it, the gold I got was credited. I guess this is an issue we have to live with?

I’m not on Xbox, but just wondering how you’re verifying if the gold gets added or not. One thing to note is that when you open 200 gold chests, the amount of gold that you get from those chests gets added pretty instantly (after the server call has completed, even before the contents of the chests are shown).

So depending on how you’re checking it, you might have missed that?

Best way to test ofc is:

  • Write down your gold amount
  • Press the “200” button
  • Write down the total gold rewards of those chests
  • Check your gold amount again and subtract your initial amount
    => it should be the same as the total rewarded gold amount of those chests

Your total gold is shown in the top right hand corner of the screen when opening gold keys. You can clearly see the # increase when opening keys. No need write anything down.

No idea what problem the op is having.

Correct, but he might have missed the fact that it’s updated before the chest contents are shown, so I just wanted to point that out.