Not enough

not enough, my underspire was reset on Thursday after doing so much and spending 600 gems and over $20 for lanterns and you give me less in return. Also some players getting 2500 writs and 50 curse runes added to what i got dont know why others getting extra.

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it’s a separate compensation. Underspire one is another day


this is not even compensation for that, this is a half-hearted sending of like 1/4 the rewards we should be getting for the new paths that have been added, let alone not even giving us the option to purchase the premium tier of each of those passes. The compensation for the underspire shenanigans is still to come.


ok but why different rewards for exalted parh rewards , you see what i got but some also got 2500 writs and 50 curse runes added too

Personally I think they should have stopped it entirely for the rest of the week. Give everyone max rewards and anyone who used crystals double their crystals back. This is a huge mistake they made and people need to be treated better.


you got the writs and cursed runes too judging by the amount of gems you got. the picture you showed isn’t the full content

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ok if anybody sees the + sign hit it it shows the missing 2500 writs and 50 runes

still, there are paths BEFORE that one that have similar rewards that need to be given out, its ridiculous that they say they “cant” and and each of the purchase options would allow you to pay for an additional ~3x of all those resources. it should be incredibly easy to read to player level and send ALL previous paths free rewards, its only offering the premium passes that i can see as maybe somewhat difficult.


This has nothing to do with underspire,

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I’m sure that 2 people saying that before you was enough. :wink:

It’s still not enough but for different reasons.