Campaign task compensation thanks

Hey Devs,

Thanks for the compensation. This is more like it (at least for me, I’m not an endgamer). It’s a start. I couldn’t get:

3,000 Souls (maybe I could get this)
2 Epic Vault Keys
300 Gems
60,000 (maybe I could get this)
50 Cursed Runes (especially not this since the gnome only shows up once a month😅)

all at once in under a minute.

EDIT: I think there was some additional compensation, I couldn’t scroll to see it.

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Did you scroll? I believe the complete compensation was everything you get in Elite+ pass that you don’t in Elite:

  • 3000 souls
  • 2 epic vault keys
  • 300 gems
  • 60,000 gold
  • 50 cursed runes
  • 100 dragonite
  • 40 glory keys
  • 20 gem keys
  • 16 event keys
  • 5 VIP keys
  • Orb of Power

Seems fair :slight_smile:


For some reason, I couldn’t but yea, whoever has a good screenshot could add it.



Wow, an actually fair compensation? I’m impressed.

But then again, they want you guys to pay for the + pass again.

This issue also shows they could have compensated the banned players at least for lost tributes fairly by sending an adequate amount of gems, gold, glory, and keys but they chose not to - even though the bans actually took things from players while this issue did not (it gave others more).

Oh well…

I’m happy for you guys that they made a fair decision this time. :slightly_smiling_face:


Wasn’t really expecting anything as I thought an unintended fluke was just an accident. But that said, thank you.


This is how I felt when I saw it.

I feel this is true. As I always tell myself, I’d rather shell out bucks on this than over $500 a year on games I will never play again. (Oh, let me be quiet, I’m a junky feeding his addiction😅)

You spun that wheel again😅. Yup, something at least adequate. I’m not a tech head, but maybe going down the names of those affected and checking the stats or something, right? But yeah, something more than what they handed out.

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Thanks Dev,s for fair compensation​:star_struck::astonished::clap::clap:


Thank you.

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Yes this is the first fair compensations I have seen in a long time. Good job team. Of course as we said in another thread, this was an issue that directly involved the biggest spenders in the game, so it was always going to get more attention than other issues.


I am impressed as well! Good show of faith here. Yes, probably only because it may affect the bottom line, but I don’t think many of us expected this.


The people who pay money are the ones who keep the game going for f2p as well.

F2p didn’t get shafted. They (for the most part) decided to not invest money into the game. They wouldn’t gave gotten anything from the campaign pass but the stuff from the free path anyway.

They also had enough time to buy the pass and take advantage themselves when it was clear this wouldn’t be stopped and fixed (and was silently condoned).

I agree on the 50 gems part. That was stingy and will remain stingy.

But other than that, sorry, no.

Of people who pay nothing stop playing because a company tried to make their paying customers happy then that is of course their choice - but also quite silly if you ask me.

Be happy that they appeased their biggest spenders in hopes that those will keep buying stuff so we all have a game to play.


I think there’ll be hell and more drama if they did something about that :thinking: Maybe they will do something, I don’t know.

Wow :rofl: Who’s playing the victim now? After all that railing about the “current generations” being entitled…F2P got “shafted???” Stick a fork in me.


I still can’t get over how fair this ended up being. Again I like to say good job gems team.


This was a global compensation? I didn’t receive it.

This went out to everyone who bought the Elite+ Pass for the previous campaign.

To make up for the “free” Elite+ pass rewards that everyone could get, the ones who actually purchased them got a free batch as well.

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Oh, i didn’t claim those rewards for fear of being banned. And made a Post here on the forums. So being honest gets you less…

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Exactly. You being a non cheater gets nothing. People who took advantage of a bug (Cheating) no penalty. Then Elite Plus whiners get extra even though they got exactly what they paid for.

One can imagine everything by the devs is made with spite for they player base.