Give me a reason why we waste 1500+ gems for this stupid Underspire

no book of deeds
no shiny keys
only 1* imperial deed 2epic vault keys 7 different kinds of orb
writs 50dragonite 10cursed runes
thats all the boss drops if you want these , you need to waste 1500+ gems


Keep in mind that one can otherwise simply buy dragonites at the dungeon shop at 5 gems apiece.


Why?! Because the devs deem it important for you to do so. FOR THEIR WELL BEING!


You shouldn’t. I bought the lanterns 5 times plus the max torches both days and after clearing 79 rooms I’ve only found 3 keystones. It’s an absolute gem/money sink for underwhelming rewards. Not to mention the enemies are already starting to feel tedious to kill with their stats getting higher and higher while you get some laughable buffs at best if you purchase them.


Grab the first two dragons for no to minimal gem investment and call it a day.

While dragons 1,2, 4, and 6 aren’t bad in rewards, 3 and 5 suck. And 7 is meh. Too expensive to get there for what it gives.

If 3 Was good I’d say go for that ad well, but who needs orbs of wisdom? Noobs, I guess, but they won’t get there. So… What’s the point?

I kind of enjoy the mode but if they think they’ve got a banger gem sink on their hands then they need to think again.


I can’t recommend anyone to pay to do the Underspire at the current Gem Price, at the current functionality of Lanterns, on top of the scaling difficulty of the Underspire.

The RNG on path generation is so scuffed. A bad generation can really screw you. On top of that, Lanterns are useless for their intended purpose for a lot of the paths the dungeons can come up with.

I don’t know who this Underspire is designed for. If people can’t make it far enough, then there’s no point in spending gems or buying Lanterns. Or in cynical terms, the carrot doesn’t do anything for a horse if the horse can’t see it, smell it, or reach it.

I was going to hold off on commenting until Sunday, but I’ve seen enough to know doing it again is unlikely to be worth the effort.

  1. The prices of Torches should not be going up 50, 100, 150. There’s too many dead ends and useless paths that paying those gems to progress 5 spaces to empty nothing just feels bad as a game mechanic. I’m pretty close to saying that 5 torches per purchase isn’t enough either.

1b. The devs missed a perfect opportunity to just make this game mode free and sell power for new players to improve chances to succeed. Wouldn’t it have sounded nice to say hey, now you can play Explore and PvP and once a week, you can complete the Underspire for rewards? make sure to do it!

Instead, with how the game mode works… I guess once a week people can fight 2 dragons for 100 Writs, Lesser Orb of Glory, 1 Imperial Deed, and 1 Epic Vault Key. (double whatever people decide to Lantern). I mean that’s not horrible, but beating 2 dragons doesn’t exactly sound exciting as a game feature.

  1. The Lantern vision effect is just useless. It gives extra vision by 1, but it means nothing if you Lantern a dead end. On top of that, if you lantern down a multi-room hallway, it just doesn’t tell you anything despite the extra vision. And even if you do get good information from a Lantern, it’s not like you can skip the next fight, so you see 2, but progress 1. It’s pointless. You might as well just use a torch for the next fight. If you need an example at how bad Lanterns can be, just watch Tacet’s recent stream. Plenty of examples.

2b. Since Lanterns are a paid feature, they really need to let you move rooms equal to the extra sight or let you see every room along an entire dead-end.

  1. Who decided that an Orb of Wisdom was a good idea for the 3rd dragon? It should have been a minor pet orb or something.

  2. Who decided that the Final Boss should be the one to give Dragonite, knowing that it has the potential to be a pain in the ass to even get there and for what, only 100 Dragonite? and a minor pet orb? Hell, it should have been a major pet orb. I would actively skip 7 if it wasn’t immediately after 6.

  3. Who decided to scale the enemies as high as it is? Its already Level 211 at part 4. How do you expect people to want to pay gems or real money with such heavy resistance so early while forcing players to use Kingdom troops that don’t scale very well to that high of a difficulty and only allowing hero weapons from the same kingdom to prevent most kingdoms from having an equalizer? Sunk Cost might get someone the first time, but after that they’re just going to avoid doing it again…

Unless you’re in a kingdom with like Zuul’Goth, Tesla, High King Irongut etc… there’s no point to doing a full run. Ketras is already taking multiple casts.

I started today 2 steps ahead of the 4th door and ended the day with all torches bought none the wiser or closer to a merchant or boss fight. Those straightaways are ridiculous and if it takes advantage of the full 20x20, this run can be in serious trouble.

Maybe I find the boss right away tomorrow. Maybe the other 2 keys/doors come a lot quicker. It doesn’t change that it CAN get really bad and that’s enough of a deterrent for me. I mean, I knew that, but visual aid. Just wanted to try the feature once.


This new game mode just follows on the same path as the previous ones. If we take a step back from what has been actually released in most recent cases you can see what they could have been which you see backed up by playerbase comments. This I think is one of the reasons people dislike what comes out so much. It’s one thing to release something that’s just bad but when you see what things could have been I’d say that’s worse. It’s as if there’s a Vinny Mack overlord (wrestling reference) that puts the kibosh on realising something in its best form.
NB: I don’t include the card redesign in this. That’s more like a unicorn who’s eaten too many skittles.

The RNG is really painful. I think someone said they ended yesterday 5 steps into the 5th area? I’m still in the 2nd area with the same numbers of torches, trying to find the door. I’d guess I won’t make it to the 4th area today.

Everything else I agree with as well, but the RNG part really stuck out because apparently I got screwed. I don’t expect I’ll be wasting any gems on this in the future. That’s disappointing because I was excited for this game mode. It’s closer to what I expected Dungeons to be, but still missed the mark.

An update: Sorry, I was viewing this on my phone earlier and misread the map. I am actually into the 3rd area, but had not found the boss nor door yet. I probably will make it to the 4th area today. So I’m not that far behind.


Yesterday, someone posted on discord that they finished already but they say $30 on lanterns so, it also depends on money.

This was painful and not worth the time and effort, not to mention the cost of getting to the Boss room. I won’t be doing it again…


This was a good idea ruined by poor implementation. The game mode is fun for all of a few minutes until you’re out of torches. Not everyone in the game has a huge stockpile of gems or will spend money on mediocre rewards. People’s time is more valuable to them than WASTING it on this game mode as it is now.


The question I want to know: Is this something they see themselves spending $30 on again (especially next week)?

Oh, pick me, I know the answer. Here! *waves frantically* Pick me!

If there is not enough interest, development will fix this by adding a leaderboard. Number of rooms cleared, multiplied by defeated bosses. And there will be 5-100 gems and orbs of chaos as rewards for the top players.


Hey, don’t give me that look, you know just as well, that making things competitive drives some players into severe overspending.


I am regreting 600 gems and only 3 dragons already.


So your last room is blocked by the keystone also! Can’t decide if this is just bad RNG or a grab for more resources. Seriously annoyed. I don’t mind spending a little $ and some gems to figure out a new game mode but this is adding insult to injury.

Nope. No way. This is what I would call a bad learning experience.


just want to bump this - NOBODY sane in their mind should waste any gems on this lame attempt of getting more money from an already shrinking user base.

New users are almost inexistent and many old players are also leaving. So, they’re trying to make the most out of the remaining players.

This mode can easily turn lots of players from a few thousands gems to 0 in the next weeks. And the rewards DO SUCK, whatever everyone else is saying. You can get all those from other places, and probably cheaper overall.


dumb. really dumb. Spending $30/week - yeah, that’s sustainable. FOR THIS GAME???

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I actually really enjoy this game mode. I need deeds and medals, so the rewards appeal to me. But I do think the resources required to finish the maze eack week is completely unsustainable. I’ll be using my free torches and lantern to get the free reward from dragon 1 each week.


And I’m happy to spend a little money from time to time. I spent $12 on this to play and learn this new mode and I’ve enjoyed it, but I won’t be doing it again :slight_smile: