Too much (title too short)

Guild War
Holiday event
Single day events
Weekend event
Daily Dungeon/Adventure Board
Pvp ranks
Medal farming
Pet hunts

That is just this week, and not including stuff that is done along the way, or modes like treasure hunt and daily arena, that I would skip.

This game is burning me out.



Where’s the pressure to do it all coming from?


Yes but think of all the cool stuff you’re getting

This is great for daily players like me who have nothing else better to do lol. Though less gem sinks would be nice. More content, but less expensive stuff.

I was gonna make a post like this one today, but not needed now.

I am in a guild which allows me not doing Guild Events, and still I somehow feel like there is just too much. That speech volumes as I am a casual player and still can sense something is not right.

When that is said, it is totally up to the player which modes to priority. I guess I am horrible at it.


I already ditched delves and only did pvp last week on Sunday when everything else was done. No time to explore, either.

It’s a lot for sure.

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Just my 2 cents
Rowanne wipe all the AB
Dungeon is just a scratch and win, otherwise Zuul can do the job easily
GW is not mandatory since is not giving much resources … depends by your guild
Raid is just bit longer today than the next days since you have all these sigils
Underspire not worth spending gems imho, so 5 battle is enough.

The highest effort i think is for epic trials and holiday event. Epic need focus and time, but once all of them is done you’re ok. Another story is holiday event, is more than 3 battles per day if you want some stuff. Need ALWAYS do the battle everyday. This, i agree is a bit tedious.

My 3 sigils underworld is untouched , just like arena and treasure maps.

But if you are getting nervous about a game and not getting more joy than stress, you just probably quit or take a break from it.

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I felt the same way last week, and had to remind myself that opportunity is not obligation. Deciding which game modes to prioritize adds a new layer of strategy, and that can be a good thing. Fear not the Valraven.


exactly, i have already dropped underspire

I haven’t done a delve in months because of just this–too damn much else to do.

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LOL It’s not meant for you to do every single Event/Game.

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