[Not as bug] A Flash of Insight

Platform, device version and operating system:
Windows 10. Can’t recall if it was Steam or MEmu Android emulator. It’s probably not important.

** Is this a bug?**
This is not precisely a bug report, yet I think it does merit the bug report category. I believe that what I saw happen might shed some light on other bugs and weird goings-on. In particular, it might be relevant to the “enemy troop didn’t go away when I killed it” bug from a while ago. AFAIK, that bug was never fixed, only a work-around applied.

What happened:
I saw something very interesting happen when I was playing yesterday; something that I’ve talked about before.

Remember when some creatures weren’t dying properly? I mentioned that sometimes different numbers would flash up on an enemy creature before it died (or didn’t) – when it took damage. For example, its health, previously red in colour, would momentarily be replaced by a different number, in white. I thought this might be underlying numbers flashing through from a data structure meant to be hidden from the player.

Today, I saw something quite different. I was doing Raid Boss, with Mang in first slot. During a cascade, my Hero killed the first enemy with a skull. What was remarkable is that, for a split second, an image of Mang (full of mana, as I recall) appeared directly over the top of the troop I was killing!

My guess is that the animation frame exactly synchronised with my monitor’s frame rate in a way that would be almost impossible to reproduce. However, the human eye can spot such things when they do happen.

I honestly don’t know if this can shed any light on anything to your programmers, but it seemed extraordinary enough to report.

As always, I’m happy to provide more detail or clarification – if I can remember it. :slight_smile:


This happens fairly often for me when using webspinner to kill so I assume it is related to skull kills perhaps.

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I think if you slow down the animation speed – to 1x, e.g. – while matching skulls, the attacking troop actually travels all the way across the screen to overlap the attacked troop every time. Faster speeds just skip frames, so a lot of that is lost most of the time.


I didn’t think it travelled ALL the way, but you may be right. Ah well. :slight_smile: