Ghost troop insight?

Platform, device version and operating system:
Steam, Windows 7 x64

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

Playing Guild Wars, the Great Maw in first slot had 5hp and was on Fire. I hit it with a 3-Skull match with 35 attack. Immediately after it took damage (and died), something flashed momentarily on-screen in the same place as the killed troop. In the position where a troop’s Life would be, I distinctly saw the number 25; I’m not sure if it was white or ochre in colour, but it definitely wasn’t the amount of health it started with, so I suspect ochre.

Prior to that, I had used a Spirit Fox on Great Maw as my first turn. I then got up to full mana on my first troop (Titan with Morthani’s Scythe +9) and cast the Scythe (which is why no enemy troops have any armour left). The enemy has damaged the armour of my first troop, and frozen me, but I think that’s from Queen Mab’s third trait (she’s in 4th place). I think mine was the first Skull match of the game for either side.

Makes me wonder if perhaps one of multiple variables you store to keep track of Life is not being updated correctly for some kinds of damage (in this case, probably the Scythe, since it’s quite conceivable that the True Damage did reduce the Great Maw to 23 Life – though that argument can go either way).

My opponent was DSOKOLLL from guild RUS, if you want to check their GW purple defence team (especially the levels and stats involved).

Hope this helps.

Hey Starlite

If you are saying that a Troop flashed momentarily on screen then died, that’s likely the fix the team put in for Ghost troops

The game should now be checking for anything that’s meant to be dead at the end of the battle and killing it :ghost: :jack_o_lantern:

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Not sure if the whole troop flashed up. I only saw that one number, because I was looking at it when the troop died.

What I found weird was, why was it the number 25, specifically? There must be a variable somewhere that had the value of 25. It may be that is the variable that’s misbehaving to cause ghost troops.

I’m not certain - it’s hard to know without a video or screenshots to be sure. Was it as if the Troop’s Life was 25 earlier in the battle at some point? Do you remember if there were any doomskulls on the board? Did you have any Troops that explode on your team or the enemies team? I understand Great Maw was killed by a skull match.

Correct about Great Maw being killed by a skull match.

I’m afraid I can’t provide any further information.

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No worries! The team have implemented another small fix for the update to ensure that if it does happen again you can receive some rewards

If you notice the issue again please look out for:

  1. Any doomskulls on the board
  2. Who kills the ghost troop
  3. Note who is on your team, the enemy team, and any Traits/Status effects

And let us know :+1:

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