[Not a Bug] Web alerts "this browser not supported"

Playing GoW on steam.
Decided to try enabling alerts.

This happens on both Opera & Edge. Both of which use chromium base.
Guess I’ll just keep on living in non-alert ignorance.

Web notifications should work in either browser. I’m using Edge here. Here’s what I had to do:

Disable ad-blocking for the Web Alerts page the game opens for you.
Add an exception for notifications from alerts.gemsofwar.com
Add ad-block/DNS block exceptions for aswpapius.com


If it still doesn’t work, open developer mode (usually Ctrl-Shift-C or F12) and check the error message in the ‘Console’ section.


Ah thanks for that info.
Turns out I had to disable both the adblocker and the tracker blocker in opera for the link to work.

With the tracker blocker enabled, the console showed adblocking error.
And then I had to restart the game so I could actually configure which alerts to send.


Ehmmm… a website that needs disabling adblocker and/or tracker-blocker isn’t for me. Simple as that.

Only had to disable them for this specific page, no other.

It’s ok. I ask myself why a tracking cookie is better when it comes from a website I want to read then from a website I “surf through by accident”. But… that’s just me.

Gems of War sends out several thousand tracking pings per week anyway :person_shrugging: