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Alerts not working and possible gnome bug

After not getting alerts to work with Microsoft Edge, I tried Chrome and got a notification saying everything was set up successfully. The problem is I haven’t gotten any notifications since. I have set it to alert me for any guild events. With this Vault event, there have been quite a few pet gnomes killed and I haven’t been notified on any. What else do I need to do to receive a notification? Do I need to navigate to a certain website in Chrome? Just keep Chrome open?

I also ran into a possible bug not long ago. I was doing an explore battle in Zhul’kari and got a Glory Gnome in the fight. There was no treasure bag shown and it didn’t give any glory. I know in pvp, players can add gnomes to their team and a treasure bag won’t be shown, but should we be getting gnomes without loot on non-player teams?

Support isn’t feeling very… supportive right now. Can anyone at least confirm if the gnome thing is supposed to work like this?

Well it’s the same as with any other gnome, they are just regular troops and can show up in explore.
If there is no bag there will be no loot of course.
In Zaejin you can pretty regularly get this
because one of the Thief’s class quest has a variant of all gnomes on the enemy team.

I haven’t seen Glory Gnome, but it should be the same thing

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For whatever reason…
I’ve noticed that if I start a thread under “support”…It usually gets ignored.
If I start a thread under “bug report” usually it gets some sort of dev attention.

The notifications are a known issue by now whether Cyrup has put it on the list yet I don’t know. But notifications are broken right now and I think the devs are still working on a fix.
Personally I get the “PvP defense results” alert despite me opting out of it.

@Lyya if my assumption is correct about the “support” categories. Maybe the removal of the categories would do more good than harm?

That’s odd. You’d think it would be the other way around. A bug report is someone reporting an issue while support means asking for help.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure either was a bug. I could have done something wrong on notifications and it seems as if @jzg has verified that the gnome issue is not a bug. Plus a bug report seems a lot more of a pain. At least once in the past, I’ve copied a screenshot or video capture through OneDrive to show here. It appears you can’t even include the video directly; you need to post it to YouTube, then provide the link. I also had my Microsoft account hijacked shortly thereafter (I think they might still control my Steam account, for what good it will do them…) It may sound stupid, but while I don’t know if that action could have been what compromised my account, I don’t know that it couldn’t have either and I’d prefer to err on the side of caution.

Even if it’s not a security risk, it’s still a pain to do this, especially if you have several bugs to report at once. I can think of at least 2 more things I haven’t mentioned. The newly renamed traits don’t seem to show properly and whenever Gorgotha appears on the loading screen the image for its Doomstones spell doesn’t show.