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GoW + Malware bytes = malicious website detected

The game was running fine, then at the end of a battle (after playing for a few hours) I get a malware bytes anti malware popup saying: malicious website detected.

The game doesn’t even boot up anymore now:

And from the log of malware bytes anti malware:
Detection, 05-Feb-17 11:59, SYSTEM, MYNAME, Protection, Malicious Website Protection, Domain,, gemsofwar.us-east-1.elasticbeanstalk.com, 1587, Outbound, D:\Games\SteamGames\steamapps\common\Gems of War\GemsOfWar.exe,

What happened?

PS. I can whitelist gemsofwar.us-east-1.elasticbeanstalk.com in malware bytes anti malware, and play the game. But it seems very fishy to me that the website is suddenly blocked by malware bytes.

I’m having the exact same problem. Stuck on the logging in screen. I shut off malware-bytes and I can get in just fine.

And today the exact same thing happened to my wife, on her PC.

For now, the workaround is:
In malware bytes, click settings, web exclusions, add domain, copy and paste “gemsofwar.us-east-1.elasticbeanstalk.com” (without the quotes) and click ok.

Thank you for the response. I added the domain you noted below and restarted. The game is still hanging on the Login bar.

Any other suggestions?



try Settings > Exclusions > Add Exclusion > Exclude an Application that connects to the Internet
select GemsOfWar.exe (mine is located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Gems of War)

You have to add IP adress.

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This didn’t work for me, oddly enough…
It would be better, as the link has already changed once for my wife (different server).

Do you try to kill the malwarebytes process, before launch the game…
or try @27sonia27 solution but we have probably not the same ip

Check with a software like TCPView or wireshark, ip when you launch the game:

for my parts when i launch the game, firstly it connect to the (loggin server i think) then go to the server

so if i use malwarebytes premium i must add IP: (not the same as sonia)