Iphone alerts from xbox version

How do I set up web alerts on my Iphone for the Xbox version of the game? I opened the opt in email in both bing and chrome apps, but both say they do not support it. Is there a way? Thanks.

I assume through the xbox app for the iphone. Have you tried that?

I have to do it through the opt in email. I can’t access that through the xbox app.

Has anyone been able to get alerts to work on the Iphone from a console version?

Working for me on PS4

How did you do it?

I’ve already been there. It doesn’t say the specific way to get alerts to work from the xbox to IOS. All the browsers on the IOS says it does not supports alerts. That is why I am asking if someone else was able to get it to work another way.

Are you using chrome? It works just fine for me on my Android phone and my iPad.

Slightly off-topic, but I have 2 Android devices on which the alerts always used to work.
A few months ago they stopped working on one, a month ago they stopped working on the other.

Seems whatever code was created when the alert system was introduced is now being blocked by updates on certain devices. I have tried reinitialising the alerts numerous times but nothing is ever received now.

yes and it says chrome is not supported for web alerts.

This is what my phone shows

You said you had an android. My problem is specific to iPhone.

I also have an iPad it works there also

because the alerts work like PC on the ipad.

Everything I’m reading says that Apple does not let browsers support notifications on iOS. That would make it an Apple issue, not a GoW issue.

I understand that. The whole point of this thread was to see if anyone has been able to make it work. Seeing as half the world has iPhone’s, there is a chance of someone knowing a fix or another way.