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[Not a bug] Something strange with the Baby Dragon

Platform, device version and operating system:
Windows 10 x64

Screenshot or image:

(Sorry, it’s not exactly the screenshot that needed).

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
As you see, I am battling against enemy who summon baby dragons.

  • I almost killed the baby dragon (he was at the second place, and the first place was vacant), he was burning and stunned (after my Sentinel ability). But dragon was fully charged.
  • Dragon attacked my Divinia with fireball. Divinia had “Reflect damage” buff.
  • Dragon died, without triggering the “Summon dragon” part of skill. 0_o.

Is it right interaction?

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
I seen that first time today. But I rarely use troops with the “reflect damage” buff.

Steps to make it happen again
See above.

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Sounds correct to me. The baby dragon spell has two steps, and the dragon died in the first of these, so the second one did not happen.

There are several cases, when one effect overwrites another, that would happen later in a turn (impervious troop gets struck with curse and status effect at once, frozen troop gets cured due to a multi match and grants a bonus turn…)

It’s hard to predict, in what order things are going to happen, sometimes. But in this case it’s a rather easy tell.

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This is working as intended.


Ok, thank you.

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Care to fully explain how it works then?

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if i had to take a guess. The whole spell has to play out. it does dmg then transforms. a transform being a self lethal dmg and then summon of a new troop.

so the baby dragon did dmg, died from reflect (would have killed itself anyway), then summoned a random dragon that happened to be a baby dragon.

now… to verify some of that i am really curious how a troop that does dmg pre-devour would behave. like if HKI was at low HP with 100% chance to devour. hits a reflect troop then dies… what happens?

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A spell is nothing but a collection of effects. For this reason, I would explicitely say, it does not have to play out as a whole.
There are other spells, that can be canceled before finishing as well.

The most known one is the single Elspeth joke defense. “Create 11 gems of a chosen Ally’s mana colour and kill them. Summon a random knight troop.”
When going against such a team, in her first turn (assuming she has the Empowered trait), she creates blue and yellow gems, kills herself, and the attacker has won (try it yourself, if you want to have a laugh).

For this reason, your other example would not reach the “devour” step either.

By the way, transforming and killing are two different effects in game mechanics. A baby dragon does not kill itself. This is relevant both for the gained souls as well as some effects (for example a self-kill can cause the Rising Shadows talent of an assassin hero).

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Just for your info: Elspeth is the bad example. It was this way initially, but even then it was the bug: she killed herself, lose battle, and summon the troop after that. And they fixed her long ago. :slight_smile:

Still, I can see how current way is right for the dragon. He doesn’t die, he transforms, so if he died before that… poof.

Is the screenshot taken after the reflect damage was done @Smiling_Spectre1 ? Are you asking why there’s a baby Dragon in the 1st slot?

I may have misunderstood at which point the screenshot was taken due to this comment under the screenshot “(Sorry, it’s not exactly the screenshot that needed).”

I think, you got everything right. Dragon was killed, but as I didn’t expect it, I didn’t take the screenshot of it before too late. Screenshot made on the next turn, when egg spawned another dragon.

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So just to further elaborate per UK’s request: The reflect damage is done before the transform. A dead troop can’t transform and that’s the intended execution order.

Let me know if I’m being thick and the report is about more than that I feel like I’m missing a piece of the puzzle here haha