The Dagon Soul's 3rd Trait

Can you people change The Dragon Soul’s 3rd trait to something else that is more usefull? Cuz its current trait is garbage. Or change it to be as before, 25% chance to rebirth. TY.

Well, originally the third trait was this really buggy attempt to steal an enemy troop or make a copy or something like that. It didn’t really work.

Then it got a literal copy past from infernal king. Dragon soul was a bit more annoying as it had explosions and aoe damage fitting on almost any team with no loss in efficiency (explosions were quite good at the time).

Having streaky RNG, sometimes dragon soul would resurrect multiple times. I’ve seen as high as 8 myself. As such, it was finally changed to a unique, balanced trait. Baby dragon may transform into a weak dragon, but it can become an ele as well. It’s also better than endless summoning as the baby has to use a turn to transform.

I’d say the trait is far from useless and while not OP, not every troop should be. If his spell was worse, an argument could be made, but I still see the troop on defense, and use it quite a bit on offense myself.

So, judjing from your reply, that means i found a bug. When summon(in case of baby dragon, transform), the summoned troops level is based on the summoner’s magic, right? But when I cast baby dragon’s spell, if I don’t have the dragon that he was transformed, they became lvl 1, even though my baby dragon level is 18(his magic is 5). Also, the baby dragon transformation is based on luck. So in case of my WONDERFULL LUCK(sarcastic) that means he is trash. But you have a point about dragon’s soul 3rd trait is balanced purpose only.

@KYLENATOR001, the original trait was that TDS might take over a troop on your team, which people quickly (and rightly) pointed out was terrible for maintaining team synergy.

@RandomGuy21, you’re running into the issue with summoning in Gems of War. If you don’t own the troop, it comes in untraited at level 1. If you already own the troop, you can level it and trait it to make it better. Since Baby Dragon can turn into like 40 different troops, that’s a lot of troops to worry about collecting and improving. I would say that TDS’ current third trait is much more useful on defense than on offense. Its spell, however, is very useful for early game players without Pharos-Ra.

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They should make The Dragon Soul’s third trait Cursed, because it’s been nothing but trouble. :stuck_out_tongue: