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An idea for Dragon Soul's 3rd trait

(This is more like a suggestion than a feature request)

Usually, Legendaries have unique 3rd traits and I know that was supposed to be the case when The Dragon Soul came out, but his Possession ended up being the same as Infernal King’s Immortal. (To be honest, I almost find it better this way. Not sure, since I couldn’t test the original Possession enough).

But, he’s called The Dragon Soul, isn’t he? His ability generates souls, much like Valk. So here’s a few ideas I had about his third trait:

Souleater - Gain X Souls on 4 or 5 Gem matches. Gain Y% bonus souls from battle.

I’m not sure how much would be nice amounts for X and Y. Maybe something like 2 for X and 25% for Y?

(Credits to the name “Souleater” goes to @Eika)

EDIT: To further my argument on how underwhelming the current Immortal/Possession traits are for Dragon Soul, think that his Abilitt generates Souls (also, it can hurt badly, but let’s put that aside for now), which is useless for defense teams, since you don’t get those Souls. On the other hand, you usually don’t wanna count on your troop dying on you attack teams, since you have more control over the AI. Infernal King’s Immortal, for instance, is much more useful in defense teams than it is in attack teams. So it ends up being a not so good trait for that specific troop.

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Possession is a temporary placeholder until his original legendary trait is fixed.

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That doesn’t void my suggestion, though. :smile: Maybe if they can’t fix it, or if they like it better this way, it’s just another option.

The Hero class Necromancer already gets souls on 4 or 5 gem matches. Replacing Mana Shield with Necromancy would be more efficient, since he can already generate souls. Having Necromancy would also make his original trait worthwhile, so you never lose the soul buff when he dies.

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I had forgotten, thanks for remebering! Still, it doesn’t hurt to have this on Dragon Soul.

Or maybe replace Huge. I think I’d rather keep Mana Shield, but I’d have Necromancy over any of those. That way, I could accept his original Possession as good enough.