Dragon soul 3rd trait is bugged


When dragon souls 3rd trait activates its trying to posses its self
@Nimhain @Sirrian

Dragon's Claw Appears!

We’ll do some testing internally and see if we can work out what is happening.


@Nimhain when the soul dragon is the only troop left it possess its self and freezes the battle.


We actually tried to repro that here on Friday, and it wasn’t freezing the battle… we’ll do some more testing tomorrow and try to find what’'s causing it.


I was wondering if a team of 4x dragon souls would recreate it . Lol would be a nice defense team . 100% win rate ;p

@Sirrian if there is two troops when it happens it doesnt freeze up. Battle ends.
When its the last troop it freezes. I cant move any mana or select anything but the chat symbol.

I may have reduced the troop it possesed to zero health and then it possed it in the same instant.


Yeah - we tested that exact case (Dragon Soul as the last troop)… I got the guys to test with 4 Dragon Souls too, just in case it was a multiple-DS issue. I believe they got a “ghost troop” to appear in a couple of cases, but the battle still ended correctly.
The only case we hadn’t tested yet was when the Dragon Soul possessed a summoned troop, which we’ll take a look at tomorrow, along with a bunch of extra testing on the basic case.


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Who’s there?

(gotta love hunting down odd bugs like that)


So few have the troop now , but when the event comes look out. This thead gonna fill up. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If the issue looks like a potential problem (and requires a client fix) we will change the 3rd trait on him until we can get it fixed correctly.

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@Sirrian just had it again. It was the last troop. I cast crimson bat and it possesed itself. Battle didnt freeze.
Here is the team i was facing. Just trying to give you all the info i can :sunglasses:


Okay, thanks DoA - I think we might play it safe and disable the third trait for now (replace it with something temporary, similar to Infernal King, while we figure this one out).
We don’t want a bugged 3rd trait messing up high level PvP

An idea for Dragon Soul's 3rd trait
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@Sirrian, is the plan still to return Dragon Soul to its original third trait? I didn’t like that one (too unpredictable, as likely to hurt you as to help you) so I wasn’t going to trait it, but if it’ll be like Immortal forever then I’d rather trait it since it’s a decent failsafe (if boring as a copy of IK’s). Would love to know the answer to this before I start stockpiling stones, and definitely before I commit to a trait I’d rather not have.



^ Basically what Lyya said. I’m avoiding traiting him, but if we could keep IK’s trait on it where it is now, that wouldn’t be too bad.


It’ll be available for refund if they change it (back), so what’s the issue with traiting it now if you want to?