The Future of The Dragon Soul

Hi Everyone,

Since the new kingdom arrived i used The Dragon Soul a lot, but i’m a little bit concerned about it’s future.
The First problem i have with him is it’s legendary trait. Possession will be the first trait in the game that’s bad to get, if it gets back to the orginal state. For example one of my teams is Gorgotha/Sylvani/TDS/Death. Possession would always change Death into TDS here, so it has a negative effect. There are a lot of other bad traits in the game, but not one of them has a negative effect on teams.
My idea for Possession would be that you have a 30% chance to summon a dead enemy troop when The Dragon Soul dies. So for example if you kill the enemies Gorgotha before your TDS dies, you have a chance to summon him on death. If you didn’t kill an enemy before nothing happens. Level and traits of the summoned troop should be determined by your own collection.

The other thing i’m concerned about has to do with upcoming changes, so beware spoilers lie ahead.
As of now TDS is a really good alternative to Valkyrie for getting souls. You can get your max souls with both troops easily. With the upcoming patch Necromancy will be changed to 25%, but it will raise the soulcap per game. In addition the soulcap is raised to 60 instead of 40. That will hurt TDS as a soul farming troop a lot because valkyrie will be able to get significantly more souls. So we would be back to only Valkyrie teams if you want to get the most souls out of your pvp matches.
Maybe TDS could get Necromancy instead of Huge or even the Legendary trait could become a 50% Necromancy trait. Later would be a bit boring but better then the orginal form like i stated aboth.

Overall I hope the devs will give him a little love :wink:

P.S. I apologize for not being word-perfect in English, it’s not my native language


The Dragon Soul with 50% souls and a pirate in the next kingdom with 50% gold would be great.

Did this come from in-game Chat? I haven’t seen any mention of this anywhere, and nothing I can see in the game files indicates this is coming.

I agree with the first sentiment – I didn’t like Possession as it was originally defined. It was in fact the only trait that could be arguably worse for the troop with than without. I traited it after the change, and will refund the troop if the trait changes back to its original form (which would be a shame).

I also agree with that second sentiment, if that’s really true. Valkyrie is much too dominant as a soul farming troop – there have been many threads on the subject already.

Sirrian mentioned it in a PM to me with the screenshots the devs gave me that I showed during my live stream today. I’ll be separating it into a separate video later tonight.

A full list of currently known spoilers include:

  • Next kingdom is pirate themed
  • Necromancy is being reduced to 25%
  • Gold cap is being raised to 150 per battle
  • Soul cap is being raised to 60 per battle
  • Map cap is being reduced to 10 per battle
  • Gold, soul, and map total are shown in battle
  • Merchant and Necromancy traits RAISE the cap
  • Cosmetics and more customization for heros
  • Legendary tasks for guilds that do all 72 tasks at a 1 million gold cost an endless amount of times that give all important end game resources, cards, traitstones, etc.

So 75 souls after necromancy and before your multiplier I gather.

And if you have more than 1 necromancy trait?

I think it is just a bonus 25%, so it just adds alongside VIP bonus, armor bonus, difficulty bonus, etc.

So +15 per necromancy.

Renders the trait almost useless.

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Any amount over 32 base souls gives MORE with the new necromancy.

Any amount over 26 base souls is more with 2 necromancy.

so it raises base and cap?

You also get more without even using necromancy so that isnt a fair comparison.

Anyone not new to the game should have at least +100% souls anyway. The net increase from necromancy is then a maximum of 12.5% unless you have just begun the journey, or are an idiot.

Order is still not known. I did assume both in that math, but it could just be to the cap, in which case it would vary based on armor and VIP bonus. Regardless of how it functions, any soul amount above base 38 will give more souls with necromancy than it does now.

That’s not entirely a correct list (mostly but not quite)
No caps are being raised UNLESS you have Merchant & Necromancy to raise them.

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Nimhain said something different in our stream chat saying that the numbers shown in screenshot are new cap, unless we misunderstood her.

So if you have 2 necromancy troops you can raise the 40 cap to 60, then your multiplier is applied?

That is correct


So it is different then i thought, but the point still stands. Basically Valkyrie will give you 25% more souls then TDS.

Having a troop with a legendary trait of 50% necromancy would be cool, and I think it wouldn’t even be such a bad fit for TDS, so please!

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I hope dragon soul gets a buff to compensate.
It would be cool if necromancy was built in with his third trait or something. I’m hoping we get a third trait that’s more special than he has now soon :slight_smile:

I really enjoyed having two viable soul farming teams. They should both be on par with each other. I can’t even begin to describe how excited I was when dragon soul was announced and he was able to be used in great teams. This change will force my hand back to Valkyrie and blue teams, which I was so happy to see the back of.

It may not be so much better, but it does make you do it if you want optimal rewards. I just find it lame that you have to use something so specific to get souls. I preferred necromancy the way it was, but I’m sure I’ll adjust back to my blue team quickly enough :stuck_out_tongue:

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Changing Possession trait for 50% souls would definitely be best. Its previous trait made it weaker in nearly every team it is placed.

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Here’s what we’ve been discussing regarding Dragon Soul’s 3rd Trait:

  • Part of the reason players don’t like the original version is it’s unpredictable nature. Would making the skill predictable be better? (eg. he always possesses the first troop in the team)
  • While current version is nice, it is like Infernal King’s legendary trait. Can we adjust this to keep the traits unique?
  • Should we complete redo his skill (for the record we can’t do the 50% Souls trait on him… however we do have a soul legendary trait coming later this year)