Baby dragon transforms into baby dragon

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
I expected the baby dragon to transform into another dragon after casting its spell. It sometimes transforms into a baby dragon instead. Happend twice in the arena today… maybe it can also transform into a dragon egg… havent seen that happen yet though.

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Cast baby dragon’s spell… often enough to have bad luck.

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It’s working as intended. And yes it could transform into a dragon egg too.

This is funny.
I lol’d.
But yea, the egg part. Not so logical there…

Even if it’s intended, that doesnt make it less stupid. I guess the story is that the baby dragon grows up and becomes a bigger dragon… it doesnt make too much sense if it still remains a baby or even goes full benjamin button and transforms into an egg.

Baby Dragon knows that growing up sucks. Don’t fall into this trap Baby Dragon, stay young forever!

On-topic, while it doesn’t make much sense it is indeed working as it’s intended. The transformation is a gamble, and if you are gambling in some way there is always a chance to get bad results.

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I guess it is indeed working as coded… cause it can transform into any dragon type troop, as the skill description says. I still doubt that transforming into a baby dragon or even an egg is intended though… it’s just coded this way. It doesnt “transform” if it’s still a baby dragon after its transformation.

EDIT: I doubt that anyone uses the baby dragon on purpose though… it’s only helpful in the arena if the other two troops are worse, and as long as the trait bug still works. I dont think anyone uses baby dragon outside of the arena cause you could just as well use the very dragon you hope the baby dragon to transform into. So keep it as is… or add a new skin for the hero… a face full of wrinkles and call it ‘Benjamin Button’… only obtainable by transforming a baby dragon into a dragon egg.

Consider this: A common card that for 8 manas can deal some damage to a random enemy and transforms into any card of higher rarity would probably be a bit unbalanced because the gamble is always favorable in some extent.

Of course, you could still get some dragons that you already have and deploy in the team to begin with, but you are always gambling for the higher payout, dragons that you don’t own. Not saying that it shouldn’t work as you wanted to, but it’s a common card and they are always limited in use, specially in arena, so i still think that it’s intended to work this way.

I agree. I didnt consider that someone new to the game might use this common troop in his team to transform into a legendary troop that they dont have. In this case it is a gamble as you said. And a gamble should of course also have a bad outcome. So balance wise it’s just fine… story wise still weird.

In order to keep some mechanics simple and viable some sacrifices in the lore and common sense need to be made from time to time. I don’t like it too, but sometimes it’s just some personal quirks. :sweat_smile:

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I only used kruarg or daemonomicon to summon those darn horsemans I didn’t have xD
And kruarg would be an exceptional summoner if his summoning condition wasn’t so darn high and purple. I mean he doesn’t even use purple :S

kruarg was born handicapped