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[Reported] I summoned a Baby Dragon on the Enemy's Side!

Platform, device version and operating system
e.g. Android, Samsung Galaxy S5, 6.0.1

Screenshot or image

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened

A Dragon Egg summoned a Baby Dragon which briefly appeared on my side before “flying” across to the enemy’s team!

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

Only just happened.

Steps to make it happen again

Not known.

More details:

I was playing the second Dungeon Battle today (King Gloomleaf) with Emperor Korvash, The Dragon Soul, Spirit Fox and Pan’s Lute.

EK died (kept getting skull drops against KG’s thorns :frowning: ) and then TDS was killed.

TDS re-spawned as a Dragon’s Egg.

I charged the Egg, cast the Summon and a Baby Dragon appeared in my second slot for a moment, but then the graphic shot across the screen to occupy the Enemy’s first slot (as I’d killed KG by now) see first screen shot.

I couldn’t attack it with Skulls or target it with spells, see second screen shot. (I thought it was a glitch a bit like I’d seen before in the past when TDS has killed an enemy, but the graphic doesn’t disappear), so I ignored it.

Subsequently the Dragon’s Egg was killed, but re-spawned as a Baby Dragon. I charged its mana which also charged the one on the Enemy’s Side (third screen shot) and I found I could cast from the one on the Enemy’s side (fourth screen shot), the spell went vertically downwards to kill the last enemy troop.


I had this happen about 7 months. My Abynissia summoned EK and he appeared on enemy side.

Just had Morterra summon Wall of Bones on enemy side in that very battle!
In my case since Gloomleaf was still alive there was overlap of traits and stats displayed.

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Hey, thanks for letting us know about this and for including screenshots.

This is a bug we’ve been trying to reproduce but appeared to be a once off glitch.

I’ve added a link to this thread and your screenshots to the bug report so we can do some more digging into what’s causing this.



Sorry for bumping this one year old thread, but I got exactly the same “bug” and don’t want to open a new report.

Maybe it helps in any way.

Funny, I summoned baby dragon to enemy side on xbox. Fluke, or suddenly very common due to DE ‘fix’ ?

Hey, we’re still looking into this, it’s a tricky one! D:

I’m sorry for any inconvenience in the meantime.

Please everyone, don’t put my head on a spike for bumping this over 3 years old topic, but… Are you still looking into this? I am not really best friends with the search tool, but I found no closure such as “the force with this bug was too strong” or “just live with it” Does anyone know why it’s still there? It was my first fully accomplished faction and as I was in a tight spot I started wondering why my Infernal king isn’t getting any mana, before I realized it’s going to the one on the other side, funny… :grin:


3 year old bug. Still happening :applause:

Then they ask for videos proving the bug… Why? As if they do anything to fix them.

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I think this happened to everybody at least once sometime.
I know it happened to me, mostly interesting and not affects the battle.

@terberos aaargh! I thought this one had died. Thank you for the screenshot.

I’ve updated the original bug report internally and brought it to a producer’s attention.

It’s a strange bug, hopefully with the updated bug report we can get some more traction on investigating what is causing it and fixing it.