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[Not a bug] Purchase issue on android 10

Google , Pixel 2 and Android 10:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

I have reported an issue with a purchase I made and dev has failed to respond to my issue. A flash sale popped up saying for 1.99 I would receive 3 vip keys and 50 gems with a limit of five purchases. I bought all 5 and received 0 keys for my money. I don’t know about you guys but I work hard for the money I have and when I spend it I do not expect to be cheated or lied to. Please rectify this issue or lose a paying customer. A support ticket for purchase issue has already been submitted with the appropriate images for proof of purchases.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

It happened just this once on all five purchases.

Are you sure it was vip keys? Not vault keys? Just asking because that sounds a lot like the vault offer that was active this weekend, but that included a vault key, not vip key.

If you are sure you are missing a purchased item, send a support ticket. That is your best bet to get what you paid for. The support is a little slow at times, but they usually work things out for you in the end :blush:

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Well after a little bit of looking into this I see that you sir or ma’am are correct I recant everything I said these were indeed vault keys LOL… My A.D.O.S.(attention deficit ooh shiny)
I just seen a shiny colorful key and without taking a second look didn’t realize that they were bought keys instead of VIP keys oh well thank you for pointing this out to me :laughing: we


They are indeed very shiny! :grin: Happy to help :smiley:

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Thanks for helping @mitamata

We usually respond to purchase issues within 24 hours @Alleagon but it sounds like your ticket was written to us on the weekend and this forum post was made at 2am the morning after a public holiday, so the office was closed.

The expected waiting times is sent by email when a ticket is submitted :slight_smile: