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[Not a bug] Pet Rescue temporary event

Today there was a temporary pet rescue. The pet Rocki could be saved. I play on the PS4.
I bet the last fight but then the event was timed out, so I could not get to the rewards screen and I could not collect the last basket for the event with the pet.
The game forced me to restart the game and after a new login. There was not a notification that I missed some of the collectables.
I understand the hard timer for one hour. But is there not a better way to solve this?
Perhaps you could not start a new game if the timer is over for the event but it should be possible to get all of the collectibles. Or at least after the game recognizes that the fight is won, and the timer is over the gamer should get the collectable, too.
For me it is the worst case scenario I tried over half an hour the last fight and if I won at last the game does not give me the reward.

on mobile you get rewards sent to you by ingame mail, if you miss the chance to collect them (at least it used to work that way some time ago)

if it doesn’t work same on PS4, than i’d report that as a bug

If it is one hour, then it is one hour.
You should have finish it in time.

It’s always worked this way and you aren’t the first to complain. The main reason no fix is made is because in more active guilds, people tend to trigger a rescue every hour and the game doesn’t support the concept of two active pet rescues at a time. So when the hour is up, the hour is up.

Even if you were inside the match before the hour was up, the game is over and you don’t get that match’s rewards. That’s more contentious to players, but the devs have previously acknowledged “this is how it is” and to fix it would still require rudimentary support for “2 active pet rescues”, which isn’t supported. (For example, if the reward pool comes from “the active pet rescue”, you could probably exploit the system to get an “extra” prize from the next rescue if you don’t like the current one. It’s not that this problem is impossible to solve, it’s that they decided it was better to not have the problem than to create it and solve it.)

Hey, while this is working as intended I have passed feedback to the team to see if there’s a way we can display the time remaining more prominently, maybe on the fight screen or the battle itself. (Or some other better way to communicate the event is about to end).

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