[Not a bug] Pet and Verse gnome drop rates?

Platform, PS5

What you were expecting to happen
I was expecting to get pet and verse gnomes from doing hundreds of PVP fights

So i have done just over 420 PVP fights in the hopes of getting pets for my guild mates and more importantly verse gnomes for the vault event tomorror (Friday) from all my fights i have only received 3 pet gnomes… NO verse gnomes!

A fellow guild mate of mine has also done 420 fights as can be seen in the screenshot and they have received 1 pet gnome and 1 verse gnome.

You seriosuly cannot tell me the drop rates havent been annihilated or that there isnt an issue here…

What is going on?

How often does this happen? All week.


We had a guildmate complain about having over 150 PVP battles without encountering a pet gnome as well.

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There are now 13 Gnomes that can appear in PvP battles.

7 of these apparently have an equal chance of appearing - Daemon, Glory, Jewel, Mecha, Pet, Soul & Treasure.

Plus the 6 others which have a lower chance but all of this means finding any particular one now can take a considerable amount of battles (outside of GaPs.)


Yeah something is def wrong, its myself and 3 other guild mates who are in the top 100 with hundreds of pvp fights to our names with either 1 pet gnome and verse each or even nothing for 2 of them…

Hey Graeme, hope you’re doing well?

Yeah but even the other normal gnomes are rare AF lol. Hardly anything is popping.

I have a guild mate that has done close to 200 pvp fights and has encountered 0 pet gnomes.

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I just hunt verses and everything on explore 1 and when i want a pet i start a gap, do a pvp fight , catch a pet and then switch back to explore. I wouldnt recommend hunting gnomes in pvp. Especially if you are doing 3 trophy fights. These take a lot longer and you are doing less battles then you would on explore. I would just hunt for verses on 1 and when you want a pet then do a gap. If you save them and do 1 per hour then this should get you through the weekend.
Good luck hunting and it is all rng. They will say “working as intended”


Oh and if youre talking about out side of gnome events then i don’t know what to say other than i wish pet gnomes were in explore


Hello :slight_smile:

I’ve seen and responded to your support ticket.

As for now, I’ve marked this thread as not a bug as the game is working as intended and it honestly just looks like you have been unlucky during that period of time

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Thanks Bramble,

Yeah extremely unlucky and for quite a few people, thats what got me concerned, if it were just me and others were getting their pets or verses then fine but it seemed to be a lot of people.

Once friday hit the gnomes were popping like crazy again.


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