[NOT A BUG] Peace Pigeon (pet) bonus not working

Platform, device version and operating system:
Android, Pixel 4a

Screenshot or image:

(I have a movie but you won’t let me upload it)

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

  1. Create team with:
  • Hero, monk class, Blade of Justice, pet Pegaset
  • Baihu
  • Penglong
  • Xiong Mao
  1. Note that Baihu popout lists bonus from “Divine Captain” of 4 Armor, 4 Life
  2. Note that Baihu popout gives his armor as 36 and life as 77
  3. Go to pet screen. Change pet to Lvl 5 Peace Pigeon (“2.25x Team Bonus: Divine”). Equip.
  4. Close Troops screen, go back to “To Battle!” screen
  5. Click on Baihu. Look at bonuses and stats


  1. Bonus from Divine Captain is now (4 x 2.25 =) 9 armor, 9 life
  2. Baihu now has 41 armor, 82 life (5 more than before)


  1. Bonus from Divine Captain is exactly the same, no change
  2. Baihu has exactly the same armor & life, no change

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Always. Never seen any bonus from peace pigeon

Steps to make it happen again
Get team with a Divine Captain bonus. Switch pet to Peace Pigeon. Note stats before and after.

Pet on your shoulder is for cosmetic purposes only.

All applicable pet bonuses are active all the time regardless of which pet is seen in your picture;
Stat numbers you see on a troop card when it’s in a team already include bonuses (the one shown on the popup).

Divine Captain bonus without the pet is +2/+2, the one in your popup looks like 2.25 (rounded down) x 2 (bonus without a pet).


So wait, “equip” doesn’t actually equip anything? Unlike every other “equip” button in the game, which you need to get the various bonuses (class equip, armor equip, etc)?

It would be a lot less confusing if the button was named “Display”.

Hey @Lupe

@Dust_Angel has already mentioned, Pets apply constant permanent bonuses. :sparkles:

On one hand, they are being equipped to your Hero but is it purely cosmetically and can understand the potential for confusion when other things in-game require them to be equipped to have any effect and active.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

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