[Fixed] "Lovebird" missing or wrong info

Edit: Thanks for the quick fix.


Oh no! I’ve let the team know, thank you


This was picked up by the community at least two days ago, and probably longer.

Could you please establish some communications links with some of the expert players, so this doesn’t keep happening? (Not me, but the people who datamine this stuff well in advance.)

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Which way around is it wrong? Is it supposed to provide a buff that incorrectly doesn’t get applied or is supposed to be a cosmetic pet that incorrectly says it provides a buff? The pet won’t show up in rescues, meaning quite a few players may buy out the shop because they are afraid of missing out on a buff pet.

What does this pet actually do? It doesn’t seem to boost Suncrest team or Stryx team?

I hope I haven’t just spent 2500 gems on a cosmetic pet???!!! :rage:

All special event pets are cosmetic. I doubt this one is an exception

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It’s a cosmetic pet, the fix should be out within the next 30 mins (should be sooner).

I’m sorry for the problem :frowning:

@Fleg write us a support ticket and I’ll see what we can do if you’re not happy with your purchase.


Fix seems to be working. Even the Filters pick it up as Cosmetic. Thank you.

Are you aware that the text describing the occasion for which a Cosmetic pet is released does not appear on the photo mode screen? Seems weird, as that’s key info for any cosmetic. Please add it to the bottom of your list…

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Ticket submitted. I would never have spent a single gem if I knew it was cosmetic only. Surely there must be heaps of players in same boat as me? Can’t you just send mass refund to everyone who spent gems?


A refund to all players who bought baskets before the fix was pushed (which I hope is pretty easy to figure out) would be lovely. Or do we need to submit separate tickets each?

@Fleg please do let us know what happens so that we can submit tickets if needed.

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Got my gems refunded today.

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Thanks @Fleg for the update.

@Kafka I have not received anything yet: I previously asked but will repeat here, do you need every user to submit a ticket or will you be able to figure out which users purchased baskets before the fix was pushed and compensate them?


There won’t be any compensation without submitting a ticket. This is similar to how all those incorrectly configured loot boxes are handled, unless you somehow learn about it and request a refund you are considered to be happy with your purchase. It’s a “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named” topic, you probably won’t get any official reply.

I can sort of understand not just refunding everyone in regards to Lovebird, most who bought out the shop will have been collectors that always purchase the pet to max level. However, a fair approach would be to make a separate news announcement pointing out the issue and the refund option. Those get propagated to guild Discord servers, so players become aware of it, this thread here won’t be seen by 99.9% of players.