Pets active or not?

So ive been playing around with pets, and i noticed that my stats dont change at all no matter if i equip one of the pets from the bonus picture, or the other one, not even if i equip a pet completly unrelated to used troops. So i am wondering now, do we need to equip the pet to get more bonus or is it always active?

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Always active.


Thanks mate.

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But if there is no any indication, how do you know that?

Like many GoW game mechanics, you either have to refer to the Zendesk or ask om the forums/Discord/Reddit. Here’s the article for Pets:

Pets give you their Bonus even if they aren’t equipped. Equipping a Pet to your Hero is purely for cosmetic reasons


Just popping in to confirm what @awryan said. The pet bonuses are always active.

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Ooooh, I always thought the bonuses was for 1 pet if equipped.

If you look at the “Bonuses” tab for a team, they show up on each bonus they’re augmenting. You can check the bonus’s normal stats vs. the current stats to verify.

Unfortunately I have no clue if/where you view those bonuses in-game, they’re probably somewhere on the Zendesk site.

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