(Not a bug) Not allowing me to use Ethereal Sentry for Doom room level 6

Samsung 8+, Android 8.00

I was expecting to insert Ethereal Sentry into my team for this room as I have been doing since starting the Doom event. I can fill the spot with literally any other card but not Ethereal Sentry even though I have subbed him in and out multiple times already.

This is the first time this has happened, so it began at 9:52 PM tonight.

I have exited out and tried again but to no avail.

Help, please.

How many copies of ethereal sentry do you currently have? Did you ascend/disenchant them recently?


I have one copy but he’s as I got him. Not to mention I had moved him in and out of the line-up twice in the first 5 levels without a problem.

You already had him on your team. So you had to use the left side troop to move him. The right side one didn’t work because it’s pretty much a place holder.

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Brother, have not slept in 36 hours, what a stupid mistake. Thanks for that. Feel like an idiot but there’s been worse. Thanks again


I’ve been playing for 2 1/2 years and still make “stupid mistakes”. No worries.
Please edit the title of this thread to include “(not a bug)” at the beginning of it.

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