[Fixed] New Sentinel troops are not in the card pool

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7.2 is good to go, new rooms in underspire is available. but we cannot see the 6 new sentinel troops in the card pool. does it mean that they are unobtainable right now? so when this is gonna be ok?
plz look into this, thank you.

Hello :slight_smile:

Just a quick heads up that the Treasure Guardian Troops aren’t available in chests and they won’t appear until 7.2 is released on Switch, which should be today!

I hope this clarifies things :slight_smile:

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As far as I understand it, the troops are not visible within the collection. Neither as owned nor as unowned, meaning someone forgot to flag them as released.

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With a 1.5% drop rate, the sentinels might as well be impossible to get. :rofl:

@NerdieBirdie and others have gotten over 1500 data points I think on this. Seriously guys, give us a realistic chance to get these troops at least…


They should be in event chest at least. At this point they are outrightly talking the piss out of us

Very hard to get since the percentage of dropping is very low.

Can we burn treasure maps to get at least a boost in the percentage of dropping these troops. After all they are a treasure maps that should lead you to the treasure.

Hold up… thought these troops was meant to only be in Underspire? When certain dead end’s would have a Sentinel fight or something? Or have I missed something lol if they’re in chests well time to use a good bit of glory I guess… (On PC/Mobile)

No they are not, they are only available with very low low percentage to drop only in Underspire. Don’t waste your glory wings or any type of keys to get them.

Hatir and Skroll’s respective Boss forms also don’t show as Unowned (though Enraged Kurandara does) despite being available to craft in the Soulforge…

problem fixed!
and i get my first sentinel yesterday, that’s my second encounter. hope my luck persist.

Hello :slight_smile:

Thank you for confirming the issue has been fixed!

Enjoy playing :slight_smile:

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