[Not a bug] Mythic Trait with different name

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Expecting trait to have the same trait name on all troops with that trait. These 2 troops for example have the same 3rd trait but the trait name is different.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
This is permanent and is how the Devs created these 2 troops.

Steps to make it happen again
Look at the 2 troops in the troops tab. By having 2 different names for the same trait makes it harder to search for troops that have the same trait.


Yes, duplicate traits exist and it is annoying.

But it’s not really new, compare:

  • Stormcaller class vs. High Priestess Ch’azka (permanent Yellow storm)
  • Shaman class vs. King Minos (50% starting mana for Tauros allies)

Yes true however when you are using the filter you can’t search for classes and troops in the same search, so although yes I agree they should all be the same I can sort of handle that.

When the troops have the same trait but different names, that is not correct and makes using the filter difficult to use and also will not show you all the troops unless you know all the different trait names for the same trait.


Really, Traits (standard traits only) should be its own filter…

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@Stratelier yes that i 100% agree with, traits should have its own filter.

Hello :slight_smile:

This is a complete accident and not a bug.

I’ll pass on the feedback about having a trait filter to the development team to take into consideration.

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Thanks @Bramble, sorry for reporting this in the incorrect category.

Please request the below:

  1. All identical traits must have the same name so search results show correctly.
  2. Added an over all trait filter that shows which troop or class has that trait.
  3. Would be awesome to have one for weapons as well.
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